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Thirty four Columbus. Each team is struck here in the third. So we're tied at three in air neck blacks moments ago, getting that big tying goal to give him eight on the year. But a heads up play by mechanic McCain had it on that left way. He could of wasted a shot at on the net. But not up realized that he had going hard to the net better right on his stick. And then the back end did the rest will shake your timeout. It's going to be all. On this way. Like the Panthers going to utilize their time with thirty six point one seconds on the clock. But when you're down you gotta get up in those defenseman have to jump up in the play neck widened Yandell two of the best out. It started that play way down deep in his own zone. Just gave it up McCann. And then he just took off like a bullet right down the middle of the ice. Got that passed back that back end. And but Rosty look awkward in the net on that goal. Just kind of definitely fooled them. Yeah. Definitely ruled them. He was thinking the house was gonna go across but we're not at up at three in that was a huge goal. Big time for was his last eleven and that one comes at a very crucial for the Panthers. Thirty six point one seconds on the clock. Third period. Panthers began a five game road trip after this one. So a ton of importance on picking up two points here tonight. Coming up down to right. It's going to be Markov against you. Walk. Barkov McCann's sceviour Yandell flat on here. And off the face off Barkov able to win that one Yandell centered around the far side and that will clear the zone with a half minutes to go here in the third game tied at three four Columbus Bruce center. Farside DuBois deepened. The Panthers zone down below the goal line held up there by weapon Aaron out today. High slot Jones to the far.

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