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Degrees at 1, 31 and Good afternoon. I'm Steve Roxton. The news is sponsored by next door and window. An update on the condition of that. Oh Park police officer who was shot this morning during a traffic stop WGN traffic now with Mary and Traffic is sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance where you only pay for what you need and plenty of problems on the roadways. With the rain Still coming down on the Stevenson inbound 55 cast still have this jackknife semi that is off to the side and still causing big backups inbound on 55. It's about an hour from 3 55. Also inbound bishop forward at 130 of an accident just cleared but still backups in both directions. Still clearing this accident 57 at 103rd, too. Right lanes remain blocked with that. Also in 80 94 west on the ramp to the Indiana told Left Lane is black with an overturned semi And some heavy delays from central to Indianapolis Boulevard with some roadwork going on Deer Park, an accident Random Plum Grove and and warn village Butterfield just west of potato via nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance. Liberty mutual customizes your insurance. So you only pay for what you need customized and save with liberty Mutual insurance. More. Vandeveld, a bogey on traffic, Central Illinois State Police say it. Oh Park Police officer was hospitalized in serious but stable condition after being shot this morning during a traffic. Stop. The suspect in that shooting is in stable condition. Police say they owe park officer was assisting Forest Park police during the traffic stop. It happened at about seven this morning on Harlem, having here Harlem Avenue near the I 2 90 Expressway and no Park. The driver of the staff deal Cool, reportedly got out of his car and began firing shots hitting the officer. The officer returned fire and shot the suspect..

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