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Not safe Griselda city no KTA argues the Arizona department of public safety has identified the valley's latest wrong way driver forty year old Kevin David stop of Scottsdale was arrested by Salt River police after he allegedly drive south bound in northbound lanes on the loop one a one freeway for twelve miles early this morning he was stopped near Shea Boulevard no accidents reported stop is jailed on suspicion of aggravated do you why and endangerment a check on the traffic right now this afternoon tea to dance in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center thank you bacula invoice really coming down as you've been reporting it some of the traffic is really feeling it as well as a result the I ten it's getting wet big time all lanes were blocked at a hundred Seventh Avenue the crash he's about that's all been moved off to the right however there's another crash just up ahead of this one at ninety First Avenue that wreck is blocking the right lane and off right we've also had a ramp reopened west bound to to read my own freeway to the west found ten the age of the ramp is re open from an earlier crash we unfortunately picked up in Iraq southbound three oh three at U. S. sixty at Grand Avenue seventy Fifth Avenue at Indian school you've got a crash to contend with and a twenty one minute ride eastbound I. ten seventeen split the Santander thirty eight minutes south of one oh one Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard down to the Santana and still working a closure lower Buckeye Litchfield road to override for flooding the traffic report brought to you by saying Chevrolet Sam Smith celebrate Black Friday all month long it's ensure right and save up to thirty percent off on.

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