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So then I went I watched that show there's only one season of that and it was canceled Patriot has two seasons. This has one season and this was on epic's. Fantastic very different style, but very similar tone. I love banking's Li I mean shit a he's like and Ben Kingsley, not to spoil anything is in like sexy beast Ben. King. I was just GonNa say that's my favorite I mean. So it's Yuck can rad. I was just having a conversation about him the other day because this argument and maybe you and I may have already talked about this. So but the idea that like iron man three is better than I think people remember it to be. One of the best marvel movies and his performance in that film. Shows, Jimmy. How good of an actor? He is like yeah, and there's a one shot like a marvel one shot him just about the mandarin that is you gotta see it's online I believe my friend who wrote Ironman three actually wrote and directed that he actually did a superhero show in BBC on the BBC. His name is drew Pearce. His show was great as well as all these superheroes living together Gosh what was the name of that but the one shot with Ben Kingsley gives you a lot more of that character goofy like, yeah like bengals. Is he can. He can pull off. Looking appearing as though he's a menacing super villain and then he can peel away and be a bumbling actor underneath it. You know he's very, very fun and very fun to watch and is really terrific in perpetual grace as is all of those people I mentioned and Steve Conrad also has a like a group of regular players that are in all of his shows. Kurt would Smith -Tario Quinn his brother, Chris Conrad. And they're all fantastic Kurt would smith. Between. I feel like weirdly because I watched robocop because he was such a part of Patriot and perpetual I feel like I've been seeing a lot of Kurt with Smith in Corinth is very strange. I mean, I love a good Kurt wordsmith role by the way that show that. My friend is called no heroics and it's raining. Yeah. The same idea essentially superheroes just taking craft duty active. superheroes. Show yeah. Really Fun. So that perpetual gray show is on epic's which I had to get in order to watch it. You can get. So I, am is on add on, right? Yes. Do and so as a result I ended up watching and being obsessed with. Epics has a Laurel Canyon documentary that's all this music scene and Laurel Canyon I want to be very clear right now the documentary I'm talking about is not the Jacob Dylan Laurel Canyon Documentary Jacob Dylan made Laura Kenyon documentary that is very available. and. So if you look it up, you're gonNA find. That is the one that Howard Stern is talking about or is the Jacob Bill in the one that I believe the Jacob Dylan one is the one they were talking about Howard, stern although somebody else on Howard. Stern did say you know there's a better one and that is what I'm talking about I think it's Called Laurel Canyon it's it's four hours long. It's too. It's a two parter. It's only available right now on epic's which is weird. But you can sign up for a free week of epics if you have apple TV or if you have whatever you, there is like a promo. Yeah. and it's awesome and there is so much in my life right now in quarantine is. Like, I spend so much time watching consuming stuff and like, and then crying during most of it. So this one, there's so much Joni Mitchell footage in this and I'm I'm obsessed with Joni Mitchell. Yeah. I was just like screen shotting and take I was like Thaba being and and and filming stuff. Was Oh. No just for me. So I, can have it was amazing. I was never seen this footage before of Joni it's great. So it's a great I really enjoyed that documentary touches on so it's still Laurel Canyon music scene so I'm looking at David crosby stills, Nash, Young Joni, Mitchell and the monkeys and everybody the turtles, all of these musicians at around the same time congregate and start living in. Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles as a neighborhood because it's relatively cheap but still central enough to all of the kind of music clubs that they would play the whiskey or the troubadour or any of those places. So it is awesome. Island eight the one just again even though you're very clear that's on epic's it's the one directed by Alison. Ellwood so she is. And she actually was behind American high, which is something I saw long long time who. Are. Urging. Jessica. And I pitched with the first. The first deal I ever we ever made Jessica Saint Clair, and I sold a show to comedy central that was based a little bit on that America high show, which was a TV show in which we would have played documentary filmmakers Filming School Kids America Venom East, right? Yeah. But then we regress and start to like want to be in highschool arse like we start to be the story like the popular. Friends with Saint Clair hang out with them. 'cause the popular girls never liked her, and then my character gets to be like it gets asked to be in a band and I'm so I'm so as the series would have gone on, I would be playing in the battle of bands and she would wrong with the popular girls. We unspoiled. We've been talking about back to school movies and not to bring up unspoiled. But the we interviewed amy heckling and wow, she was talking about fast times and was so interesting because I had forgotton that Cameron Crowe did that he went back Oh. Yes. School and and like became a student and befriend these people to get these stories and actually WanNa go read that book. I'd like to read that like she said that the original script for fast times was much more like porkies and then and then and then her and cameron like both love the stuff in the in the book. And they're all of this and then basically just took already putting the book and made the the script this really you know why that movie is so good move..

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