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I. I don't know how they i don't i. Don't watch the game. The games that i have watched and go. Wow this team is is just a defensively. They're incredible and i don't know what the thing is that that's propelling them. I don't understand it. I they have fucking kryptonite like you to their rank and there's no fans and everyone's like oh. This is depressing. Like i don't know i don't know. But the coaches suits. Have you seen the suits this guy wears. I have terrible suits. Tell me about these guys suits. No the coach much. Y'all suits yes. Yeah let's talk about. I your recent your instagram talking about the you got you got a big problem with suit. Save because last time you were on your. You're going after the nbc proof because they constantly wore blue. And i think after that. I think ten broadcast and they were all wearing blue. And you know they fucking. We're trolling you. So what's out the sharp suits No the coach to the canadians. I'm not sure his name but he wore this suit It was just like and i said this. And i got a lot of at a french acadians. Abby heavy they have a certain style. It's sort of this this european Garage sort of Swedish trashy next looked right. They just don't do anything simple. It's a little bit confusing. And he comes out wearing the suit. That looks like it was his baggage suit. Like the guy's never been to vegas before and he said you don't want here's I'm going to save this suit. This is my game one vegas suit. He had is french. Taylor like let's do pals different color and make it very confusing and just wear fucking where a beautiful navy blue. You're the much octavius. Where a beautiful rich blue suit with a beautiful red tie right and a white shirt or or dark blue tie look like a million bucks. Don't look like what. I just explained. It upsets me fair enough to talk about what about. No roughs giving your podcast. How's that going. You're you're a one man show for that. I think you do some interviews. But what was the most recent thing you discussed or is it just basically your life anything going on social media that you go over. How do you go about your episodes. Yeah i've definitely skewed heavy to politics for some reason even though i really don't know that much about it That doesn't get people riled up though so he probably need. Who did i. I mean god. I've been i've i interviewed mike lindell's mypillow. I have no clue. Who is the guy who like he. I think he used to be correct. Me if i'm wrong as he was like a junkie crazy lunatic and then his life back on track he started. My pillow became boys with trump. He was banned from walmart. Yeah yeah dan from everything. Fed on dominion voted voting. Machines sued him for billion dollars. Who else did i have on recently. dana perino. Who was the white house Secretary for george w bush. Yeah i don't. I don't know weird. I interviewing ryan hallway today. My old teammate. Brian hallway all nowadays so he. He really pulled on my heartstrings. Because i think he went over to the czech republic or something when he was done in the nhl and he ended up having a kid with l. over there so he gets his son in the summertimes and he's he's got a winnebago or something a loaded up with a sign and now they're a hockey school and he's going to teach hockey school for three months and i was just like i gotta talk to hallway. You remember the greatest dance in the history of dressing room dances incredible anchor every game. So he was the ultimate barral guy. Because i think he came over to arizona for a little bit but like tell us more about this character off the ice. And what did he do to get. The boys going off. Fox will first of all go go to youtube and youtube ryan hallway postgame wind deaths and he did this dance after every game that we won. That was the most electrifying one man performance that you could ever see. It was like somebody injected in adrenalin into a possessed man's body and he just he's just lost control and it was. It was incredible He also can't so apart this guy. Roux go one hundred miles an hour at remember. Meghan ma'am the nintendo game. No the guy was like a just a beauty ryan hallway like You know under weird is ridiculous. Chris was chris. Simon who cross check out in the face. Yup were you there when that happened. Apes are yeah in long island. We had to win that game the in the call him. If how many games did he get seventeen. Got quite a few i. I was just wondering if you on the team at that point now We gotta talk about the acting gig. You're in a show that just got released now. The episode that you're in hasn't came out yet. But why don't you describe for us. Kevin can fuck himself so it's basically a play on on the traditional sitcom series. So it's it's. It's a single camera in multi camera show in one Which kind of means lag lives in two worlds lives in like a traditional friends type world to a little darker Yeah i guess. Start on one of the episodes i. I'm not sure. I think it's episode for episode five.

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