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Passing again, and the Fire department says they can't move that truck until they empty. All the fuel tanks involved in this lorry granted WBC's traffic on the three Now the WBC four day AC You weather forecast as we go live to WBZ AccuWeather. Meteorologist in divorce. I think a extra dose of caution is to be in your coffee this morning or whatever you imbibe to get a little bit started here because the temperatures in the mid Upper twenties, most areas down on the South coast in the Cape. I think we're above freezing. By a degree or two. But treated road should be good. But with these continuation of these snow showers, we're going to continue to see some slick spots and so the neighborhood roads and sidewalks Temperatures today We'll get up into the mid to upper thirties this afternoon tonight will fall back down to a low in the A teens and twenties and then run sorry twenties to near 30 with some flurries in some renewed snow showers into tomorrow, Jim and that's the leading edge of a polar front that By Friday. This is not a joke. Friday's temperatures will probably not get out of the teens and real fields near a below zero much of the day Friday, and that's what some sun cold in sunny Saturday. Maybe a system for later Sunday Sunday night with more snow or wintry mix a Mac you with meteorologist Tina Board with WBZ Boston's news radio. All right, thank you there, Gene. We've got snowfall in Boston 29 degrees. You're gonna be hearing it all morning long. Just be careful out there because certainly some nasty conditions but few inches of snow certainly going to be on the Round by the end of the morning. It is 5 56 5 56 now on WBZ news radio. There we go. College basketball's regular season is battling through the pandemic, trying to get teams to the N C. A. A tournament nets now only two months away, and Indianapolis WBC's Drew Mulholland telling us with winter's settling in More and more programs are running into covert problems. Boston College basketball is among the growing list of programs on a pandemic pause, citing coded protocols and for the whole NC, double A dozens of games. Both men and woman have been postponed over the last.

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