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The innovations in healthcare a lot of that came under the va prosthetic innovations log of electronic healthcare records which again that's another thing that's kind of hanging in the balance right now as this leadership saga continues to play on but these are things that we really look to the va to lead the charge on an ends up trickling down into the us healthcare system and so you can't disentangle the two were speaking with melissa brian chief policy officer for iraq and afghanistan veterans of america about the ongoing saga taking place and over who's going to lead the va who's gonna hold that top position president to reach out to the vso's to work with vso's to look for a competent nominee to put forward again the we already had questions before any of this news hit no one could have imagined what happened this week and so just consulting with vso's really using us as a soundboard using us as a as advocates and also as folks who can just really give you the pulse of what our members want and what the needs of the veterans the twenty one million veterans in this country need that's what the president really needs to listen to you know that's a very good point a salient point i will say some sailors could have predicted it i've seen a lot of former sailors not myself but other people saying well it sounds like he was just doing kind of what sailors do you know things like that so there's some people who don't view it as even if all the allegations are true which they're allegations we don't know if they're true or not some of them seemed more believable than others i it certainly something where it seems to me that had the vso's better volved in the process from the beginning it could have found some of these issues ahead of time or it could have actually helped him in dealing with them if you say well hey i via the legion the vfw am vets everybody's behind me that could have been helpful for him in his nomination i don't know you know exactly what happened there how about the first part of my question we've tended general west is on your radar who else quite a few folks who are on our radar you.

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