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News right now on NFL Live Adam Schefter. What's going on in Minnesota Bollore moments ago the Minnesota Vikings place their defensive end to Neil Hunter on injured reserve which means he must miss a minimum of three games which means he's out for September the soonest he. is in October against Houston and that acquisition of Janaka, in God way now looms larger than ever before hunter injured himself midway through August he will not play this Sunday. He will miss a minimum of three games and they'll be up to the other vikings to try to replace him. Yeah. Their first game against the packers that already seemed so significant when you hear that news mark the, let you go first what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is these one of the most underrated pass rushes off to am what Mike Zimmer likes to do defensively and at four three one hundred. Perfect. Thank goodness for the trae because then you'd be devoid of to pass. On either side, it's tough to hear Neil hopefully, the new rules would our he can come back I think about this though as before I pass the ball, they played Green Bay a divisional game where you need guys to get after the PASA. jalen holds his backup don't have to step up. This is a big loss for the Vikings Echo you say this enormous I was going to take Minnesota to win this game, and now I will take green bay think about it like as an offensive person, the play call. Right now, Matt Leflore in Green Bay. I'm going okay. Now I don't have to worry about dealing with to defend defensive ends we can shift and slide in send a lot of our help to in Gaza side and this gives Aaron Rodgers as significant in the higher greater greater level of comfort. So this is a huge huge loss for Minnesota one huge loss from Minnesota, Aaron Rodgers to your point probably pretty thrilled about happy. Hey, all is though in this off season have been on New England the break-up that happened there. Was More to prove this season Tom Brady or bill. We'll be able to fill a full week of rest on one breeding is no good. If he doesn't play one that's fresh, I can't do his job and we can't do mine. Would I be successful without him? The same love looks trapped I don't believe I would have been but I feel the same vice versa as well. We played it other times without Tom, do we always do is proud of care the team the best weekend. This team makes the playoffs. It would be bill valid greatest coaching season of. Joke. Tech can't wait with his say the players are made by the system. The players don't make the system. Brady and Belichick are the only player coach duo in NFL MLB NBA Nhl History to spend twenty seasons together the to dominated with Brady making the most playoff starts in NFL history others under center for haven't fared. So well, posting a combined eighteen and nineteen record setting up one of the best story lines of the two thousand twenty season. Cam. Newton in foxborough still quarterbacks aren't everything. Sorry. Dan Orlovsky sometime for some quick reads with the most non quarterbacks important non quarterbacks week one key I. I would say it's the kill Harry from New England. If you look at the big receiver that was drafted in the first round out of Asu have limited time for games regular season. Last year twelve catches. He's got to show up and be a bit Red Zone Target Cam Newton. It offense Kinda replacing that Gronkowski doing some things there he has a big body. He's got to be able to separate quick. We don't something he struggled with in the past. How about the most important non quarterback than that packers vikings game shocking Kitaoka received from the pack twelve. I'm GONNA stay Green Bay packers wide receiver Allen Lazard in the games against Minnesota last year Davante Adams had. Twenty two, twenty, two, you had four, forty, five, I need you to step up really start to a certain herself as the number two option for Aaron, Rodgers in this offense I'm imagining Minnesota's GonNa pay a ton of attention to Davante Adams and you should have a great match of one on one got to win those consistency this consistently this weekend most important non Cuban cowboys Rams Marcus. Receive I'm. GonNa take a deep into Blattman, and arguably the best guy in the league including quarterbacks Aaron Donald Listen. So disruptive he can totally switch a game plan you have to count for him every play and remember this guy's Travis Frederick is no longer the center suing the Dallas Cowboys. Now there's Looney they have to work that interior to help everybody had the double and triple team. But when you lose all pro pro bowl, the center he. Making more problems than you can handle this rams cowboys matchup is fascinating according to FBI. It's actually the closest of all the week one games, and so we'll see how that turns out. But here's the thing about Dallas. It's always like they've got all the talent in the world and that's their story and yet maybe they don't always win the super bowl or even get there. Obviously. So Marcus, what's different about twenty twenty if this is Dallas is year. Housing anything different as far as than win the Super Bowl I think they can. But all all thirty two teams failed like that. But Dallas has a realistic shot because every year we look at the roster and say, why wouldn't they be appointed a super bowl conversation quite frankly they hadn't done it and Mike McCarthy obviously coming to make a change from Jason Garrett gared is a big reason. We say it that. Wouldn't get over the hump but I don't think this is going to happen in Mike McCarthy's first year I believe they'll be a team I believe they'll have some success to lean towards the future but as of right now talking about Dallas winning the Super Bowl I'm not on board with those conversations. Well, I don't look at the players in this situation I look at the coaching and I look Mike McCarthy, coming over. And I look at Mike Nolan the defensive coordinator. Then when you look at these situations, you got a former super bowl winning coach. Mike McCarthy you have a very, very well respected DC in Mike Nolan. I can only go off experience being being with coach Dungy a team that was ready a lot of talent. We got rid of coach Dungy Dan we bring in John Gruber. GRUDEN. Didn't set the world on fire. From an office standpoint, we tweet just enough to Kinda get us open up the defense continued to play solid and sound, and we did our job on the offense side of the ball. We heard a new voice kinda like Jason geared voice has been there for. So long the you had a young DC and Chris Short players get tired and to net out when you bring a new voice in Bam things happen instantly. A great point because I do believe in that listen, I don't think the are full. You know I this is a very talented roster I'd say this if they were to go into the playoffs and win the Super Bowl I, it makes me think of two things really one thing. As. NFL players is pro athletes and sometimes men we kind of really want to be respected and you can make the case that their quarterback Prescott does not feel respected by his organization and he's at this point where he's going to now demand respect by his play. They've given them all the tools to go out there and do it, and it makes me think of the Joe Flacco situation in Baltimore and he was in those negotiations and he's he said I deserve this money like I commander earned this money at this value and they said, no, he looked at Steve. In, the owner said I'M GONNA win a super bowl I'm gonNA. Make you pay me that money. That's the only way that I see the cowboys going to win. The Super Bowl is if their quarterback raises his level of play to a level that kind of just forces this team to go on this big playoff run because they're talented, they lost a bunch of close games last year but a deck prescot becomes a different animal and he demands the respect from Jerry Jones in that organization by play then. This team's good enough to win it. All right. They win eight and eight last season and they didn't fare as well as we thought they would keep would you say that the cowboys are GonNa make the playoffs this year.

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