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It's one of the reasons why I so like with the association of mature American citizens is doing on this front. Go to a Mac, AMA C dot U.S. slash Regan my last name REG an. You can sign up at the special deal 16 bucks a year. 16 bucks a year, and then give you all kinds of advice on who to possibly use as a financial planner, who to consider in terms of medical insurance, plus a slew of deals and discounts on travel hotels, all the good stuff. But most importantly, perhaps, is what they are doing as an organization because they are trying to ensure that we have good sound economic policy that's going to preserve our freedom and our prosperity as individuals and as a nation for generations to come. It is so critical that we pick the right people that understand business that understand our economy that understand the impact of all this policy on our not just our markets, but our everyday lives. And so this is what a Mac is doing. Your $16 that gets you all those discounts and advice. You're $16, pulls with over 2 million more people that are contributing and donating to this cause and consequently you know that you are having an impact in Washington D.C. and all around the country. So it's win win, it's like I like to think of it like the AARP for conservatives, if you would, conservative economic values. Look, that's what got us where we are today. Do not forget it. Capitalism may not be perfect. I'll be the first to tell you it's not, but it's the best darn God thing we have when it comes to planning our future. So let's protect it. Let's make sure it stays with us and our children. Go to a Mac AMA C dot U.S. slash Regan REG and a Mac U.S. slash Regan. Speaking of growing our economy and preserving our freedoms and everything that's good about America, I want to give a shout out to my Friends over at the Miss America program. I'm here this week. I'm a judge at Miss America, and I'll tell you, it's really quite an honor. 30 years ago, can you believe that, gosh, well, I was really young. Really, really young. Three. Anyway, now I competed as miss New Hampshire. I won the talent competition. Some of you may know, I was very passionate about having a career in opera that was sort of my first love and I wanted to be an opera singer and international opera star. I joke that going into the news business. I'm not that far off, right? I mean, because there are moments and there's certainly has been over the last several years where it has felt truly operatic in many, many ways. Anyway, I'm back to judge. And I'm just blown away by how incredibly intelligent how motivated how self deprecating. You know, that's something that people don't think about when they think of Miss America contestants, but they all had a great sense of humor and they kind of understood that, you know, it takes a lot of hard work to be where they are, but they were very humble about it. And I would just say, this is an organization that is quite literally. It's all grassroots. They are recruiting and they are helping to mold and helping to grow the next generation of leaders in America. It was so evident to me. I mean, all kinds of just amazing, amazing young women doing amazing things and they have this organization that's helping them really from a teen level even because it starts for many and then when they're 12 years old or 13 years old. I think it's a great thing. It's a great thing because you're helping to grow a new generation of leaders at a time when women are under fire in different ways and people might say, oh no, there's never been a better time for women. But when young girls can't get scholarships to college because the guy on the track team forgive me, the originally how do you even say this, right? I can't say the guy that became a woman. The other woman on the track team happened to have a whole lot more testosterone than the naturally born females did, or you can't win your swimming race because you're competing against someone who just naturally has far more muscle tone and ability than you. What is that really telling our girls? What is it telling females? It's, to me, frankly, lessening their worth. And in a major way, and so I look at a program like this and I think this is what we need more of. It's such a wonderful way for women to express themselves 50% talent, by the way. Which is why I was in it. Heck yeah, I was an opera singer. It was a chance to perform. It was a great opportunity for me. I also want a ton of money. A ton of money that enabled me to go on to New England conservatory and Columbia University, which afforded me an opportunity to go work on Wall Street and then in financial news and really got me where I am today, so it is a good program. It does so much good and it's wrong that the liberal media would take aim at it, but they're taking aim at anything they can. And I don't think liberal women are doing enough to stand up for themselves, and for our girls. I'll just say that. And this is not a political organization, but I do respect what they're trying to do. So I hope you tune in. You're going to see a lot of really talented young women really smart young women with some really good ideas about how we can move forward as a country. And the things that we need to focus on, so you can go to pageants live, dot com tonight, pageants live dot com. It's a pay per view thing, so you have to sign up. You don't have to do the whole year. You can sign up and then cancel, I think, right after. But watch the big one because tonight we will have a new Miss America. And yours truly will have a hand in it. So I'm super excited. Oh, and go check out my Instagram account. Trish underscore Regan because I'm going to have a lot of pictures there. So you can watch some of this stuff there. Go check my Facebook account out. I'll have more pictures there. And maybe even Twitter, I don't know, Twitter is a little bit of a special place, even now, although I would say that Elon is doing what he can to really try and stamp out some of this cancel culture, which is so disastrous. But as we think about what I would call kind of war on women, as we think about this war on our economy, the war on prosperity, and the reality that we're just going to be dealing with inflation for years to come, it's another reason for you to think about diversifying your portfolio, making sure you have stuff that's going to be able to weather the storm. I mean, for me, anyway, in my own personal life, I've always looked at gold as one way to do that. I mean, if you look at gold over the long term, and you get thousands of years to look back on. It's the one thing that's really held its value. So even when the dollar is under pressure, by that, I mean the purchasing power of the dollar because the dollar has actually been going up. The dollar is looking relatively good compared to other currencies in the.

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