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All right back here at Petco park. We'll pick our players. Mike you go. I love ticket Airbus Garcia in his young career hit his third home run tonight. But it's where he hit it. He hit it to right field. At petco. Park off of a sinker baller creek Stanley who'd give up a lot of hope for us to begin with and his pitchers away and the red-headed headed hitting Garcia hits this pitcher way back spins it over the wall right fielder. Petco park that doesn't happen very often. But that's a hit that gives you reputation. That's a hit that gets talked about the coaches room after the game. That's how impressive that was. I don't think he had any idea. Just really what he did what he came back to the bitch. It was great. He walked by Nick. Hundley Nicoli sets up to remember dick Kelly came up here and the big leagues as a Padre. And this was a ballpark that he's respected as a hitter. He knows just how difficult it is to hit it out the opposite way to right field as a right handed hitter. And I imagine him telling Garcia any idea what you did kid, but what he did with special. Ed. He looks to be a great young player. It's fun to watch. I look forward to his bats Garcia by guy. Plus, he's got his own at first base to. Made some nice plays dig at balls. Well, I'm gonna take Brandon Crawford. His at bats tonight. Look like the Crawford from may and June. Where he was one of the best hitters in the league. So I'll take Brandon Crawford. Nice nice at bats. Maybe he'll lead off his knee was bothering him tonight. Not a good one. For the same reason. I'll go Nick.

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