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Expectations of their family and they were really torn and they were talking to me about this. And i was just listening has being present and asking questions and at the end the person said gosh i feel like you answered all my questions and you helped me think about things hadn't even thought about you answered questions that i had. I feel like you were just so present for me. Listened in thank you so much has been so valuable and like in such a different place now than when we first started talking. There's clarity there's excitement. Like i really know what i wanna do now and for me. That's just like let me up. Like this what i wanted to do so i would say. Have that a moment where it lights you up were. You have had experienced kind of just being there for someone and really listening holding them as resourceful and whole and creative and not broken but just believing in them and get such aliveness from that. That's how it's going to tell you that. Coaching could definitely be worth it for you. To explore further can do explore it. If you're like this is for me then really think about like what you need to learn high need to develop yourself so that you can show up as much as you can for the sake of your clients because for coaches if we're not work on ourselves then it's going to be harder to show up for our clients. They're gonna say things that are going to trigger us and then we're going to become baya's star. Judgement is gonna come in. So there's also that personal responsibility to do the work on ourselves too so that we can also show up fully for the clients. Sign a nutshell. What you mean is that people should learn to connect with yourself personally and with other people. Yeah exactly and i'm joy in that on to find excitement and aliveness because in the coaching engagement liens hiccup on that energy. You're like oh gosh here we go again all. That's helping you miss that..

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