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Whatever you know it's the flash briefings of and then when people come in that they could say because has you've already got that stuff tagged from the blog literally. All you have to do is build the lexicon this is here's the tag and then here's the upsets could be like telling me episodes about <hes>. I don't know marketing gamification or something like that and then you'll get all of that so it's you've got people perusing all of the all of that audio through a skill. I love that idea to dave. I'm gonna have to look into that at least a great idea yeah along those lines. I also want to say i. I think we just mentioned this earlier but you know there are other people doing fantastic flash briefings. Obviously there's great ones out there and so are the things that i've started to put together. Is this network of flash briefings to help with the discover ability because i know that's one of the issues that that keeps coming up is how do you find the good flash briefings <hes> and so i've created this network brief cast dont f._m. Where <hes> you know slowly but surely i am inviting people to come on the network that have now proven track record of creating really good quality flash briefings in all different areas and i think it's another way that we can help people find the fuss and actually served audience granted. It is my audience so they know about it but i asked them. How do you find fast briefings and <hes> you know the top the top ways that they currently find flash briefings are word of mouth with alexa app on their mobile phone and now they say they're going to the briefcase website so i love it. It's it's brief cast out f._m. Brief casts sure i include that in the speakers yeah and so okay on there now so i can go here and then can i naval right from here to you'd have to you have click on one of them and then at the bottom you'll see a button that says enable and then it will take you to get back to the amazon site got. It got it excellent well. I a a really insightful tips. I super appreciate it. I want to <hes> with time. We have left out you mentioned <hes> peed ericsson and i wanna because you and i were talking a little bit about this off. Mike and we're you know it's it's in our recent memory and i wanted to talk a little bit about it with <hes> you know the the voice summit two thousand nineteen that just happened i for me and this is the second year going into. I've always been somebody and pete heat and i have talked about this. I forget where we talked about. It was actually on this podcast so <hes> if somebody wants to go back through the alexa dev chat you'll see pete was on this podcast cast and we're talking about community and <hes> pete and i have just there's there's just something about community where you bring people from different age groups different backgrounds and this this year. I felt like it's also different accessibility. Having people who were hearing impaired was incredible something for me that i never <unk> <hes> had experienced that before so bringing all that together and taking people off who've we've typically like this voice i community we're all kind of online align right <hes> and then having someone in space <hes> in the same space right like what if somebody who hasn't seen that or didn't know about this like what would did you say your key 'cause to me. I think a lot of people got. I had i mean i got so many emails in like little messages. Afterwards of <hes> like people people saying they felt it like they felt community. Which maybe they haven't before yeah. I totally agree with that. <hes> one of the things when i go to these these conferences i think most people do this. You look you look at the lineup of speakers. You think oh wow this is. There's all these great speakers and i want to go to this one. I want to go to this talk and we go to this talk and what what has happened for me at voice summit last year as well but this year in particular was that i started to meet people and talk to people and there was such an openness nisa around everybody trying to help everybody end and share ideas that i found that i was getting so caught up in these fantastic conversations that i forget to go to the speakers that i wanted to hear and i but i think that really says a lot further. Exactly that's the community aspect of it that there is just there was openness. <hes> and i can't tell you how many times i heard people say oh i've seen that person on twitter and it's so nice to put a name to the face now and all these discussions and i ah you feel like you're you've been friends with people partly from social and now you meet them and you you sort of have this history and i couldn't agree more really it j- pete has done such an incredible the job and i know that such a priority for him is developing community it was it was really evidence there and <hes> you know it's interesting you say that too because if someone <hes> i you'll see this more and more when the you know when you have a healthy community you're spending less time in the sessions and more time in the hallways is there is a lot of let's go grab a cup of coffee right. <hes> let's go get dinner <hes> and just that i think is so so important and i feel like <hes> for folks who missed out on that. <hes> i know a lot of the sessions are recorded. They can go ahead and they can. They can find some of that stuff and you had a session. They're on a lot of this <hes> flash briefing and ways to engage right right so i did. I had that <hes> <hes> we talked about <hes>. I did a quick little like one or forty five minutes. It was forty five minute over you how to how to set up a flash briefing. We went through some of these stats <hes> <hes> i was also involved with some of the healthcare tracks with my other pockets. We mentioned mother podcast voice. I health where an really document what the euro or that of on joyce. I health dot com and that's really where i'm documenting. The intersection at healthcare are are of healthcare and voice technology and so i was with a couple panel's speaking about that's a whole another topic of discussion but where i see the future for specifically healthcare and voice technology which is mind blowing <hes> so so yeah i was. I was very fortunate to be part of that and <hes> you know. I really appreciate that big. Thanks to pete for inviting me. It's such a pleasure to be part of those types of events and it's been an absolute pleasure having you on the on the podcast i <hes>. Is there anything that you want that. We haven't talked about that. You that you wanna share the anything any questions. You want asked me anything a i don't know i think we covered a lot. I think i've really enjoyed discussion every time i i don't of people know this or not about you but you're also an advocate for the community like when we talk a lot and we did talk a little bit about this before the podcast like you hit me up with amazon needs to be doing nassar ask. Can you be doing this or is it going in this direction and i'd love to see this with flesh. So i loved <unk>. I continue to find that so valuable and i can pass that onto the product arctic teams as well as your audience. Is you continue to have new ideas in directions. We could be doing better at amazon. Please let me know without continue to do that on people's behalf. Whether do they know that or not so i just wanted to point that out well that's one that's nice to hear and and i just want to say as well that you know i think the whole community feel to to this voice for space really comes from the leaders leadership people like we talk pete and of course bradley bradley metric with his and and people like yourself because you all and you in particular day from them interactions with with you you know we spend time together voice summit. You're so approachable. You're you really are a community guy. You are relatable so down to earth and and that that rubs off on people that are watching the leaders in the community and seeing the way people carry themselves in this voice for space and so i have to say i really appreciate that. I thank you for that and i think that's a big part of of why the community is the way it is will thank you have salt in my food but i do in the mail right yeah but i i do appreciate you saying that and <hes> you know for me i try to. I always just try to be as direct as i possibly can. It's funny in <hes>. How do i phrase this in such a way where we're in such a like a news hype cycle with everything that's going on with politics and social media <hes> and everything i find the best way is just to like e._s. Direct and open and honest with people as you possibly can and so they know their concerns and there's the hardest part for me is when i have to say i can't say anything yet or <hes> you know <hes> no if it's like carr's speaking gig and i you know i can't talk. They're still things. I have to do on behalf of amazon as whole but i mean i am just a super. I've been part of a lot of communities but i again. I'm just there is a there's. There's no <hes> every community has like that. One a person that's like the troll to the rest of none of that has appeared yet and now now hopefully i'm not jinxing yet but there are people but like yourself who are generally come from all different backgrounds and are generally trying to improve and then like what you have done. You've taken that you've created. I mean look at all these your or else. You've got <unk> brief cast dot f._m. Promoting other people you've got a flash briefing formula dot com or your created this professional course <hes> that should i'd be charging for my opinion but <hes> i do appreciate you putting it out there. <hes> that just teaches people. You've got create flash briefing dot com. You've gotta lexin candidate dot com so so thank you for everything you do and i certainly i will be continuing to advocate <hes> internally amazon and everything all so it all the stuff that i hear from you and your customers in your community can't can't wait to see what you continue to do. Thanks thanks dave..

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