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I'm Jennifer Keiper in Chicago. Ah Liquid nitrogen leak at the foundation Food Group Plant in Gainesville. Georgia. Kills six people. CBS is Jesse Metro Chaos broke out shortly after 10 a.m. at this Gainesville poultry plan. Dean always officials say the liquid nitrogen leak killed six people and sent 12 to the hospital outside. Shaken family members were looking for loved ones. Just bring he's okay. Dress home to not know. Then he won't answer his phone among those taken to the hospital. Several firefighters responding to the scene, Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the deadly leak. I look back at the career of a trailblazing actress 40, Sicily, Tyson had a harder time than most, making it big as an actress. Strong roles for black women were few and far between in the fifties and sixties, but Sicily Tyson eventually got them on Oscar nomination for sounder any wins for TV. Movie of a former slave past the century mark age went on this work to your 110, Sicily. Tyson almost did that She wanted Tony at 88. She has now died. She was 96 Tom Foodies, CBS News. Variant of covert 19 1st, discovered in South Africa has now been detected in the US this as new death tolls. Mark January is the deadliest month of the pandemic. So far, CBS is Michael George reports, officials are seeing some good signs. Section rates are trending downward, and several states are loosening restrictions. Bars and restaurants can reopen next week. In Michigan Indoor dining is now allowed in Chicago and Washington, D. C. Gyms and movie theaters in Oregon can reopen tomorrow. According to the CDC. Over 20 million Americans have received at least a single dose of one of the covert 19 vaccines. California has signed on with private health insurance company Blue Shield to oversee vaccine distribution in that state. Michael George CBS NEWS New York mandatory evacuations in San Bernadino County, California due to a storm and concerns about floods and mudslides. Fire Chief Grant Mel announced. We given evacuation.

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