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Also don't have direct power or you don't wanna build anything with iraq power. You wanna leave mountain. Pretty extreme hedin alden especially in canada. We spent a lot of our time. The past here is just getting this device in a in a very stable state in terms of its robustness from harder. Clint nothing none of the stuff that we're doing inferences or the dashboards is would be meaningless Actual data and So we've been working a lot on that and we've been to planned sorry for using metro guys. We'll have to help deploy this is. America is thrust of the minus forty six celsius which i think is pretty close minus forty something and then Recently candidates heatwave. It's been over one hundred degrees fahrenheit. So we're actually down here. Alex narrow down here with her fuel. Manager to deploy our first deployments midland. Which were super excited about you know. Nothing's girl problem in the. Us is just so much bigger and working with us. Customers awesome to like they're very technology forward. We see the us markets lesson like a regulatory push but more of like. Hey as we need to do this and we want to get in front of it and it's great for emissions reduction story. It's every mci gas Don't leave we can produce and sell but it also also a great surfer investing customers that are looking for possibly source gas. He brought up a great point with The producers here in america because everyone talks about gas leaks in producers and they're polluting atmosphere unlike. Look if these guys have an economic solution to capture that gas why would they wanna let their product go. They don't want to be able to sell that right And so that really. I mean you look at american producers one. They wanted to do the right thing. A lot of the willing gas companies. I've ever worked with doing me wrong. There's train go find a handful of crooked but most companies wanna do the right thing and they care about the environment and so they want to utilize technologies where they can detect methane leaks but then from the economic perspective is okay. they're letting product goto. So they wanna mitigate any lease. They have so that they can put that gas into the pipeline. Sell it absolutely. I mean I think it's very clear for us when we guys like this just to conserve the waste seems waste. Nobody wants to be wasteful their time of their capital city. Not the the resources that producing. I think you know. For our value propositions like we're doing continuous monitoring with we think ourselves most accurate. Low cost continues watering system out.

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