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Except for when he passed so good. This is this is beautiful beautiful. I'm gonna normal listen to today. Sorry to the matt. Thomas show when i drive home listened to listen to matt. Ross when i get home put him on my alexa asia. Too tyler. This is disappointing to play this cut in it. Because you're more of a nickelback. I embrace debate birthday craig. Thank you terrible music tuesday. They're gonna turn the tim tibo thing on tv and do like an eight segment show. I mean it takes about two minutes of each comment. Let's move on. Yeah there's nothing to cash. I love this cut. Don't you tyler. Come to sean sam tyler. I could belt out the creed psalms. Oh you can't really stress the words that you've got to kind of give us an idea of what you know when they were six certain like like when we always wanted when michael jackson always said shimon really. Don't know kind of what they're how they're they don't have a lot of. It's run exactly. Yeah you could probably do great creed seeings that grinky. He's a runner. Yeah oh what. He's pitch anyhow. He second renaissance player hammered matcher. Oh yeah they're they're like arena or like john mcenroe credo breath. Oh there's no doubt there's a professional athlete right now that has creed nickelback as their number one group of all. There's really guys that are mind or they might have been. They're buddies like in high school right so obsessive left him the grunge. that's right. That grunstein was big in the nineties grabbing a seattle dan. And let's go. Yeah filming crete. What were they or is there. Foreigner california think or maybe. I'm wrong on tallahassee florida way off you close three thousand miles away like you in guessing death. He died yesterday. And i said seventeen years died seventeen years ago and i said oh recent yeah. Eighteen years ago showing that was two thousand sixteen arms wide open arms wide open. It's arms right. it's never is that was. The movie is wide open right with eyes wide open with it or chess eyes wide shut. Wasn't that the. Tom cruise nicole kidman movie eyes wide shut. What that movie really freaky one arms wide open. So you don't really have to say when just it just. Was you own one. When did marlon. Brando die marlon brando. Because you know. I love godfather movies and i'm a big god like like on the waterfront. Here's one thing. I can tell you a million of his movies but i cannot tell you as depth. I'm gonna say brando. Altogether has passed away. Two thousand five. That's actually really close. I was actually going to say two thousand five. Not even getting two thousand four. The reason why can say that is i i. There's certain points in time so that would have never been able to get the exact year. But i knew the the with him. I knew just. Because i was a fanatical fans is i would have never been able to tell you the exact date but i kind of had an idea of the area but i was hoping that you wouldn't say no schon. It was two years ago. Frank sinatra all sinatra okay. Let me guess. I'm gonna say go ahead. Nineteen ninety three. I am going to say little sooner than that late. Eighties earlier ninety two years earlier three years earlier than him. So you're going. Nineteen ninety nine hundred eighty nine somewhere in that range. Nineteen ninety eight paid off. That's a decade off. I was actually thinking when i was at sc and the dodgers because we give you a hard time with this. This is really hard thing to guess. All i know. But that's something that people keep up right. But i sometimes like we said before my best one was when i said man george carlin recently and be like twenty years. It's like what george carlin just dia couple years ago. Now i can get the prince. Glenn fry recent right but yeah once you get past that decade area kind of eighty ninety seven so there you go title. What were you gonna say. Did you say something. Oh okay so guys this. Nfl well we'll we'll get the nfl in a second. This real quick any problems. Who's got the top twenty five in front of them. That's something i wanted to discuss when it came as we made it all the way through baseball notes but the the the biggest note here locally is sean didn't practice not that he's not gonna practice. The next thing is improve. We'll see as we head towards the weekend and breakdown what we need to see. You will not be gain planning a game too. It's again finding guys. Continue to elevate and and make there impact and some are fighting for jobs at other teams will see knowing they may not be here. And by the way in jacksonville tim. Tebow was cut and in order to keep credibility on a team. You absolutely have to do that because you can't keep a guy if you wanna guy. Because he's a good guy that put him in a coat tire coach. he's not the tintin wasn't ready to play tied in the league. All right so what we say. Got twenty five and you'd see all right. So let's let's start with number one. And i saw it briefly. I'm assuming alabama race at the top. That's being yes I would imagine clemson's to now. I was a little surprised there becomes being well. Then maybe they did. They go georgia to now all now. He's actually very surprised at this yesterday. All right so the number two is either gotta be if it's not clemson. They must love oklahoma and spencer route. They love oklahoma rattler. Yeah i mean they're top four teams slice it hovering in the top ten year then striking regardless all right so and well rattlers a really good player and never return it in a lot of starters and more physical i mean the one thing about them all day needs a few stops on different. Just an exact to win a national title if they don't get a few stops they won't real quick around the top five. Finish off three. Then it's gotta be clemson clemson. You and us studied quarterback who we think's going to be really good four would probably be ohio state or georgia. Ohio state. Ohio states. Got the best quarterback room Depth wise that the fourth guy could start at fifty and watching jack miller play. If he's the third or fourth he's ago was a four star. Guy could play a lot of places. I wouldn't imagine through the course of this whole thing and because queen yours and the guys that i would imagine that we're gonna see all four stay there. No one right. If somebody's going to be like colonel. Jones atlanta go play right now and obviously fires got to be georgia georgia. We'll come back discuss the next five college football. It's a listen. It's almost here. And i cannot wait and i'm sure you can't either texas saying m.'s. Going to be in the top ten at least when the preseason starts to question is who's running. Their program is the quarterback as well and there are some other players around this this country that will have their teams rising up and iowa state in the big twelve fit in overall in this sports. Talk seven ninety finalize. This four hours. Next sean salisbury show. This is the sean salisbury. His name is short. Shot really.

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