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Book Which we will call the N word although that's not the title The strange career of a troublesome word Randall Kennedy Thank you so much Thank you Be well You're listening to here and now 90.1 W ABE Atlanta I'm Jim burris You're listening to here and now The forest co apartments in southeast Atlanta have received more housing code complaints than any other complex in the city Burned out buildings infestations and trash all over the ground You say it that you have to be a human and stay in a place like we're not human I'm W ABE Stephanie stokes and for the past year I followed one Forrest cove resident in her fight for better conditions Here her story unfolds every day this week on morning edition and all things considered When the next closer look from challenging Biden administration vaccine mandates to combating human trafficking there's been a lot in the office of George's attorney general Chris Carr He joins the program Plus a recap of what state lawmakers debated this week and there's so much more to talk about than the actual game this Super Bowl Sunday like the halftime show Tomorrow at.

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