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I have license in which fifty four wow four las vegas but for five to go on for the seven issues for the seven okay and do you have one in california as well i'm sure where i have but i think i think i'm not sure i know where license well do you have interest yet from from networks i know that that was an hbo van you know how big of a fight do you think this can be kind of interest are you hearing i know gonna have a lot of options but you know i can start negotiation because doing contract i think people want to know how how my fans like to watch my fight and i do big numbers and a lot of channels and then i think then then willie willie happy i think you'd say go to the box i think then when appreciate my work and i love fight for people pre she ate what i'm doing and but i can undergo station team because it's chain quanta problem finish you know my manager going to start work can you say definitively that that you are not going to resign that once those two fights are done or march comes you're gonna move onto boxing yes i want to fight this fight and because ciller she's third seven years old now thirty eight and i want to wait his uno retire stock fighting and then she's should don for this fight and now under get tune in i'm young i'm thirty three and i have any bad injury i can go there fight boxing in back fed may if somebody else had to be champion might division of cno if you probably can come back and flecked for development.

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