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Dot com kboi news starts now this this tyler martin on six seventy kboi we have been telling you for the last couple of weeks about local farmers and ranchers who have been keeping a close eye on the negotiations of the north american free trade agreement also known as nafta idaho's trucking industry is keeping an eye on those nafta negotiations bob castillo's with the american trucking association and says they move an awful lot of product and that includes products between the us and our neighbours to the north canada so our first premise here is a do no harm but then there's other things that we'd like to see you can lower all the terror wart right but if we don't have an efficient border crossing if sorta negate that fact right so anything that we can do to improve the efficiency act the bordercrossing would be keita idaho's agriculture industry relies heavily on the trucking industry with truckers now moving some seventy one percent of the total goods traded to canada rick worthington six seventy kboi boise state is officially on the search for its head baseball coach the first in nearly forty years director of athletics kurt apps he was a guest on six seventy kboi and said since the announcement that baseball is returning to boise state there has been a significant interest nationwide i'm excited about it i'm sure gonna have a lot of interest in the in the in the beginning of the program and a lot of individuals have shown that they want to know about the job in i'm excited about where we go on and hopefully we can have someone on board by the end of the year if someone is hired by the end of this year the broncos could field a baseball team as early as the spring of two thousand twenty there is a red aircraft the alert for the treasure valley and it looks like it's going to last for the next few days temperatures did reach a high of ninety one degrees today and they'll reach a low of sixty seven degrees overnight and there are expected to reach a high of.

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