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What's up what's up. Welcome to wednesday. Show morning studio morning. Glad you're all here. Heck glad i'm here where to start so in different parts of the country different parts of the world are different. Covid rules about when you can go out heck in the uk they they locked down again for a while because it got so bad. So here's a story. Quebec canada a four week. Long curfew has been implemented so in the day you go out and daytime do whatever but you have to stay in your homes from eight pm until five. Am it came bar business restaurant business and if you agree with it or not. That's not the point of the story. Just that's the rule there right. Well there are a few exceptions to the rule. Essential workers who need to travel. Obviously and if you need to walk your dog because animals have to go pee and poop right. One woman reportedly attempted to use the walking your dog part as an exemption for own benefit because according to the newspaper she was fine after being stopped on the street walking her boyfriend on a leash like way. They wanted to go for a walk so she just least a month and he's a dog and walk. They claim the woman told police. She was just out quote walking the dog of so. The article was shared on twitter. They went viral. One person wrote. Is this real life. This woman was issued. Find for walking her boyfriend on a leash after curfew. And i think it's funny dried is it is what's define it. Price shouldn't be over fifty bucks. We'll and how does he identify. Okay game i'm woke me back everybody. Our new favorite character on the show on employee of hebrew technology. It's a high tech company recently. Took social media to expose practice where they talked about. they have monitored seat cushions. Meaning these gifts from the company. We're supposed to help them. Stay healthy by monitoring their vitals advice but in the gift was a way for them to gather data on them breathing. Rate heart rate sitting posture If they're getting up and taking breaks for too long a jar knew the exact time she'd been away from her desk via the smart cushions. What they really were doing they were monitoring to see. Let's see when you get up. How many breaks you take. Wow remember we were talking about yesterday the day before about the bathroom break the company. There's a bathroom break. Otherwise you pay three dollars and so that's pretty sneak so when you get up get a heavy box. Put it on sarka housley. My point is. They didn't know they were being monitored they were told. Hey here's a gift for you. Wink have added to help you with your life but really it was just. I'm watching all these alexes our house. Hey this is a really cool way to keep up with the world. Wink wink as they. Watch your every move and here everything that we do. Glad you guys are here. Let's see this is voicemail number one from last night here you go. I have spanish class and we need to bring in drinks that are like spanish slash mexican. I just wanted like you guys to give me your input and tell me what i should take his. I've no idea. I feel like it'd be interesting here. What are the mike. Dis and razer sponsors. Also please against. I'm glad you called. Ray has no hispanic mexican spanish. He named himself raymundo. Because he's all you had like point. One of hispanic heritage spanish heritage on one of the dna tests like nothing he demanded we call them raymundo. And we do we do the weirdest thing. Eddie what would you recommend this kid. There's nothing more mexican than the margarita in my opinion but that you can do. Oh virgin i wouldn't take a margarita school who verge of so then. I don't know if is all over the country. But i know here nashville. It started and this was the thing back where i grew up dope oh chico which is sparkling water but it's from mexico. Gop chico stopped opo chico chico. te'o is what he's saying for chico stuff. But that's not hard. So you take pacheco with a little bit ally. And i really would add tequila and you would have ranch water but skip the killer a school and just do topa chico with lime my d i would say they're called hazardous. Which by the way this is the real answer. Is ed waldo in real life hispanic very very my ideas mcgill so and raymundo is ray them so when you get out of this whole thing is might go ahead. I'm sorry it's like a mexican soccer. You probably find him at walmart or like a mexican market and the really good. He has had this tomorrow. So that's why you're saying that. What are they called again. how did he does. And how do you spell that. J. a. r. like mexican fanta. Yeah also delicious raymond. I dunno guy. White guy. I would say. Go with a mexican coke and then mix that with rahm. Don't take in the school. Just take some iced tea or something like that. They'll get the point. It's pretty good. Mexican coke is different than a regular. And i have to give eddie some credit. I thought toshiko was originally made here for monterrey mexico. Hurry i was yeah. That's exactly 'cause i've been my dad's been drinking. This was a baby. I was always just like. What is that crap and now. I'm gonna do this so good. Good luck. caller. Joe is high school student at the fact. That ray gets lumped in spanish heritage is crazy. This is pretty cool yesterday after the show. Amy talk to tim. Mcgraw and tyler hubbard from florida georgia. Line avenue song called undivided. I'm gonna play the interview you did with them. And then we're gonna play this song right here here. You go on the bobby bones show now. Tim mcgraw in tyler hubbard. Hey tim tyler. I'm doing good We're excited to have y'all on 'cause you have a song together called undivided and tyler. I know you wrote this song in quarantine and you felt like the need. Put something out or you were inspired. I guess to put out. Some hope and positivity so just curious from both of you tyler. And tim like what is hope to you. I feel i feel like you know. Hope as relate to this song as well as And this time is is really all about love each other and finding hope in humanity and hoping our country and hope and Through love and then you know letting god lead us and got us and You know i personally find a lotta hoping that. And i hope that this message through this song i hope a lot of people can can find that as well so i hope for me going out. Children and my girls are gosh. They're thrown out of the house. Hope for me is probably the single most important thing that you can instill in a child's thought process imagination because it allows them to to dream about what they can achieve life and put it into action. I think without hope. It's it's a very dark place and And i always have hope for this country always from my family always have hope for people doing the right thing for our better angels. I love that now. The song is called divided. And it's going to be on. Tim's super deluxe here on earth. That's going to be out later this spring so we have that to look forward to. So how did y'all come together on. This song mean tyler you wrote at ten minutes on your album but who calls who who heard what do you call tax. Do you email. Do you go through management. Like what happened with y'all ordinarily tim and our buddies and and i'm fortunate enough to have a cell phone number so i just i just text and.

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