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Oh break wonderful now. We're ready to start off the new year. We have a lot of topics a lot of topics. The bachelor comes back to night. Holy Show. They don't worry back to the recaps Trent or also bad you'll be on every single one want people want to have. We been astronaut to be on everyone. Or if we assume that he's going to agree to be on every once he knows because I quoted his tweet. Yeah you're so excited for Bachelor recaps come back and then I think there was a mutual under stages. You're in on that he he does. He just doesn't really have a choice so he doesn't have. I don't think he wanted to us. I think he will. He loves doing it and he likes to come back clay clay yes klay it quoted it and let's go trent or whatever he row out the what an unlikely friendship between those who knew that Trent doing an impression in of clay would lead. Yeah so hopefully. We'll get more impressions from Trent. Yeah and it's going to be a great season. I'm excited also. Love Island is coming back on. We're definitely GONNA do something for that so we got a lot of good stuff. Yeah but I I do for the year yup very excited but I think it's time to get into the topics because we're very excited to talk about them. We have the card ashes ashes Christmas. Of course we got the low down on every Kardashian sibling. The Jenner's what they did during the break the Golden Globes were also last night right so we talk about that. Justin Bieber has a new song. He announced a bunch of new stuff. Album documentary is all coming. Kendall Jenner spent her New Year's Eve with Ben Simmons and Kyle Gerber p Davidson some interesting stuff unfolding. Cindy Crawford Randy Gerber were seen outside of his apartment seem seem like they were worried about p a very serious conversation very serious Zafran almost died which was Really why under the radar this break that Zach. Ephron almost is not enough people are worried about sack. F for Hobson. We're worried about soccer on and then we have a big New Year's Eve break couple extravaganza. We go through at all Erin foster getting married cody simpson with Miley Cyrus. Cobo Shantelle Jeffries and DIPLO. And I'm sure there are more the baby randy nobody knew popped on out real quick. We also have the COACHELLA lineup. We'll talk about that and jake antenna called it quits. Not Shotgun done done. And of course we have the CELEB- conspiracy corner we're gonNA talk about The theory that drake killed xxx xxx. Tim Tassio honestly. This is rea- just telling me about this theory because I don't really know too much about it but Ridha so I do know about it and many people. DM me saying. Can you talk about this and I WANNA learn. Yeah we're taking suggestions so I may have read yours and one with.

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