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And Bela Fleck among many others for NPR news I'm Stina Sieg in Grand Junction Colorado severe storms blew through parts of the south and Midwest on Thursday homes and businesses were damaged in Arkansas and in Indiana where one woman was slightly injured the National Weather Service warns there is a continuing threat of severe weather today the bad weather will stretch into the mid Atlantic region where wind gusts could reach up to fifty miles an hour I'm korva Coleman NPR news support for NPR comes from NPR stations other contributors include whole foods market who is committed to helping make meal planning easier by offering meal guidelines and recipes on its website learn more at whole foods dot com and Americans for the arts good morning you're waking up to Friday April tenth it looks like the weather's going to change we can have a gradual warming trend it'll begin today through the weekend as high pressure slowly builds over the region and the upper low continues to push farther inland more seasonable temperatures and drier conditions will persist into at least early next week what does that mean well today will start off mostly cloudy then becoming mostly sunny highs near sixty then tonight partly cloudy with overnight lows dropping in the lower fifties and then for Saturday and Sunday we'll have some sunshine by afternoon with highs getting into the mid sixties for the Sacramento area sunny and warmer with highs in the mid seventies currently around the bay area open checks in with fifty six Santa Rosa fifty one Palo alto has fifteen fifty five in Fremont it's fifties for San Jose it's fifty six Nevada checks in with fifty Livermore fifty one redwood city fifty two and here in San Francisco it's fifty one degrees at KQED public radio good morning I'm Lori Sanders thank you for joining us and now morning edition from KQED public radio it's morning edition from NPR news I'm Noel king and David Greene when patients with the corona virus disease die they often die alone there's no one there to hold their hand or to tell them in person how much they'll be missed the trees many hospitals have restricted family visits the risk of infection is just too high and so for many families the only connection they have to a loved one in their final moments is to a hospital chaplain as New York City experiences a staggering loss of life this week will be the voice of one of those chaplains his name is rocky Walker right now I am at the nurses station here at Mount Sinai hospital this is a I see you and I from where I'm sitting I can see about eight rooms the doors are shut of course on each of the rooms the doors have windows so you can look into the windows this windows of patient rooms are where Walker does his work these days he'll stand there on the phone or video chat with a family member describing what he's seeing in the room sometimes he'll show with the family by taking video he says by this stage.

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