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Game planning and it's it's hard to do so by teaching. That in concept fashion Guys like Jeremy. Curly and Kelvin Benjamin not only, know maybe what the ax is doing or. What disease is doing they know x y and z. Because they're viewing the whole play in its entirety I guess similar to the way a quarterback because you'll get it and you'll go concepts and and. The quarterback will start calling Stephan the players know what's going, to guys run for that spot because they want to be the guy And I got I I want to be the guy that takes that It seems, evident to me the table is not a guy who wants the opponent knowing where his, number one receivers lining, up or where this guy might be lining up And to me Debacles variations don't seem to be rooted. Only in volume he wants to create unpredictability tempo just by the way he lines people up right in different places. Or indifferent formations that's the other way. To do it it might be the, same play call but the formations completely different and who's in those spots. Is, completely different also it only put it not only puts pressure on the defense. That you're attacking it puts pressure on them schematically they've got gotta know who's, lining up where but then they also have to understand that sometimes even though, the pl- this the receivers, are all jumbled that formation is something, they've seen before but it's a confusing because it's different guys is the same three guys at. The different spots and it doesn't click as to being the same formation. That they run that's. Very common thing that's really at a lot of, levels of football Where you use the same formation but with different personnel to get different matchups now you've got Charles clay running that running the the. Route out of the slot rather than Jeremy curly or vice versa and and you can get match ups that way. As well so it's really it's complicated. I mean it is a mishmash recipe, and kind of a it's a solution rather than a mixture you just. Wonder, how long it's gonna take for that to really kind of gain traction where. It's being executed consistently because the history has shown when you have an offense, that's coming in it's gonna take three four five weeks of regular season football, before it's really kind of, starting to gel and click there's that, consistent execution series after series week after week which is why I find I found that the. Last thing I mentioned in this piece to be one of the more. Interesting ones for debacle. And we and how many times have bills fan Seeing this with the, patriots the, the patriots don't convert on a third-down play Brady. Russia's them up to the line they run a sneak one yard convert the fourth, down new set of downs and off they. Go I mean we've seen that on TV number of times against the bills and a whole host of other teams and. I think debacle with the time in his career that he. Spent in New, England knows. The value, of that and so I'm fully anticipating a lot, of temple variations in his scheme through. The course of a game now here's the only caveat to that again we're talking about a new offense coming in and some green quarterbacks of experience on the field so how much tempo. Variation we're gonna see, in, the first half of the season maybe not a whole lot unless he's convinced we go. Fast on this team we're gonna kill him it's though, to change your tempo than. It is to make Xs knows adjustments because tempos just you know let's go a little faster and do some things you don't have to really dissect the guys quarterback I think all. That much more he. Just has to go a little faster not huddle up that sometimes it's an easier adjustment than, than say, listen we're gonna do this out of a different. Formation with different personnel and talking to Kelvin Benjamin You know he's convinced they're going to run it pretty fast I'm, wondering if he's saying that based on what he saw in practice in the. Spring where I think debut was purposely running it fast, to kind of make them think quickly so any to match game speed, a little bit more because in practice it's. Very hard to match that exact tempo and get to gain speed. Speeds I'm wondering if he's just running it fast in practice. Or if he does intend to step..

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