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An kudos to you broke the story this week about Carson Wentz back injury. We know he's not gonna play tonight against the Rams. What's the outlook for Wentz moving forward? Short-term and long-term. Well, we'll talk short-term first everyone's in the fantasy playoffs. Everybody wants to Novi is going to play hard to imagine a scenario where he actually gets on the field for the rest of the two thousand eighteen. And season. I mean, I guess theoretically, they exist. I just haven't found any yet. And especially if they go out and get eliminated from playoff contention tonight by the Rams, I mean, there would be virtually you know, almost no chance that Carson Wentz. He's the field. Again, you know, they're not going to put them in harm's way. If there's any chance of worsening the injury. So that's one part of it. The other part of it is you know, it's going to be about a three month recovery for the stress fracture in his back. Not a minor injury at all. But nothing just based on the nature of it should affect him long term. He doesn't need surgery. He just needs to basically rehab, and you know, of course, that sort of leads to the questions about his future in injury being injury prone. What I understand is that the eagles are still very very much committed to him as a QB of the future. You know, he's just dealt with a lot of stuff in his young career. Always we appreciate the information. Thanks so much for joining us again today here on the NFL on in. All right. Thanks for having me. We continue on NFL first and goal the podcast now, let's break down the game between the dolphins. Vikings with former Vikings linebacker Ben Lieber sideline. Analysts for KFA N and the Minnesota Vikings radio network that let's recap Minnesota's comprehensive win over Miami. Forty one seventeen always a pleasure to talk Viking football with Ben Lieber the former Vikings linebacker sideline analysts for KFA and the Minnesota Vikings radio network. Ben, thanks so much for taking the time. How different do you think? The offensive approach was today after offense coordinator, John D Filipo lost his job on Tuesday, watching bits and pieces of the game. There certainly was a renewed commitment to the run Vikings forty Russia's for two hundred twenty yards. You know, I think for having me on, you know, it's it's pretty remarkable. Just the difference in the the offense of approach, and it really was simplistic. And I think that was the warmer through the course of the week not only just because it was a short week, and you couldn't really get into a really complicated offense. But the the offense needed to be simplified, and we got this word that deep Lippo as as smart as creative as he is. I think he wanted to try to out create the opponent on almost every single play. And you you sort of get away from the fact that sometimes you just gotta rely on your players to make plays. And and to keep things simple. So you allow your players to play fast and that renewed commitment to the run game that Mike Zimmer is asking people to do for many weeks, you know, and he never did it happened today. And you see what can happen to the offense and how it can open up the offense and take a little bit of pressure off for Kirk cousins. And the whole offense and the whole team performs a little bit better. So it was exactly I think what everybody was hoping was going to happen. And I really could not be happier for for Chevy's too fancy. Cause us this one of these guys that everybody's been waiting to see what he can do. We all know that he's a he's a smart guy, very well liked guy. But you never know what's gonna look like the lights and under pressure, and he handled it beautifully, man. Beyond the stats. How would you sum up your one for Kirk cousins? Minnesota today the two touchdown passes. Negated in part by pick six. Yeah. And you know, the pick six is one of those plays where that's an immediate taught route. And it's a it's like a smokescreen out to the side. And you know, you're supposed to sell it with your eyes a little bit going forward. It's still all your linemen to get out to the left side..

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