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The autumn me call over in Mother Home Minister scare Always sleeping. Oh, my the moon and he won't time. So she harbored more most mama January everywhere do not July. You know, that's more. Armed and on for me and my God shine for me, my God or as more There's a place right down the street. Molly Louis, the 14th Street furniture, man, That's it. I hope it isn't too expensive now. As long as the guy does good work. I don't care what it costs. As long as it's cheap. You know me equality. Oh, boy, There's Wally went to Ohio. Hello, Mr Wimple. Hello, folks. You're looking for a place to vote, Mr. Magee, You're just a week late, because don't worry, women we wanted all Yes, indeed. See. How do you like the election This time, Mr Wimple? Oh, I thought it was simply teaching Mrs McGee. He went down early. And sweetie face gave me. Oh, Mr Rampal, sweetie face. That's my big old. Oh, that one. Yes. Hey, sweetie. Face gave me a sample ballot to show me how she wanted me to vote because they wouldn't let it come in the voting booth with me. Oh, I should say not that's one place even your wife can't go with you. I know. And I loved every minute of it. I might be there yet. If they hadn't flushed me out when they closed the polls at seven o'clock. Well, how did you vote? Went like your wife told you two. Wouldn't she like to know He's not going to intimidate me? No. See, good for you night when I'm in a voting booth with the door locked at Mr McGee. Did you ever hear about the bank Bridge? The secretary of the Basildon Bridge branch of the black Neighborhood watches can't say that I have went by He got one writing vote for president. Oh Oh, I really made my better count this time. So long, folks so long. How come on, Let's get into furniture shop before somebody else stops us. Well, look at the beautiful furniture in here. Yeah, This guy is as good as they say he is. I should have let you talk me in to have a new call him in the first place and save my scotch tape in the second place. Well, far be it for me to say I told you so, sweetheart, But I told you so, sweetheart. Yeah. This must be Mr Louis Coming here. Hello, Mr Magee. Mrs. McGee. Glad to see you. How do you do? I'm sure. But hey, How do you know our name? Dr. Gamble told me you were upholstering your own Davenport this afternoon high usually allowed 3 to 4. Hours after that before the customer breaks down and comes in. You're 3.5 minutes late. Well, we stopped by to talk to Mr Wimple. Sir. We're sorry, but let's get down to brass tacks. Now. We'd like to look over some of your work before we make a deal. Of course. Naturally here, samples of my work all around you, sir. There's a Davenport. I've just finished for Mrs McDonald. She's the president of the third National Banks. Wife. That's the kind of a job I want, but no lumps. Not only trouble I had with some of the springs wouldn't stay down. I use enough Scotch tape to hold the super cheap. Well, it's just a matter of know how, Mr McGee when you've been at it as long as I have. It's quite simple. Sit down there and try that. Davenport. Go on, bounce around ahead, McGee. Go on. Okay. Ah, This is perfect. Oh, these springs are wonderful. This is the way I want ours to be, bud. Wow. Well, don't worry. Don't worry. I'll fix that. Hand me that roll of Scotch tape over there. Mrs McGee. Little more. Scott. This is ridiculous. The there's a man outside with some more election jokes. Time to come back. Later. How much later? About four years. Alright. Goodnight. Top. The Lakers of Johnson's lack from Johnson self polishing Loco, Racine, Wisconsin and Brantford, Canada. Bring you home again, Mama each week at this time, and Fred Waring on Monday and Wednesday morning. Be with us again next Tuesday night, won't you? Goodnight..

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