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Down due to heavy stone windy conditions in the Sierra yesterday. Forecasters say in the twenty four hour period ending at six this morning Kirkwood got eight inches of fresh powder. That's the seven day total of forty three inches of snowfall bear valley. Got the most no thirteen inches over the past twenty four and fifty one inches for the week. The Sierra snow index is now at one hundred percent folks who are planning to head to this year over the. Okay, holiday weekend are being urged to carry chains and closely monitor road conditions, Nick Dawson is radio K, Piquet, traffic and weather together. Southbound ninety nine consume nece river bridge, only one lane is open. It's because of roadwork that is expected to last until eight o'clock this morning highway fifty one near exposition boulevard look for overnight sweeping operations cap city freeway eastbound after age street, there's some roadwork going on headed up to Tahoe. Heavy snow is expected Sunday. So you may want to bring the chains right now though, you don't really need them. No chain requirements at this hour in the Sierra traffic every ten minutes every weekday morning and afternoon. Newsradio KFB K. Skies will stay mostly cloudy during the overnight. We'll also be in and out of clouds during the day Saturday, but will be dry highs around sixty or so and then on Sunday, we'll see clouds on again off again, rain and temperatures in the fifties. I'm Kierra three meteorologist Mark finding on NewsRadio. PK?.

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