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Each group to protect their true goals and practices around ten. Am On Wednesday February twenty. Six Two thousand fourteen Kevin Lau Shinto parked his car in the Sai Wan Ho neighborhood of Hong Kong. He didn't make it far before. Suddenly he was stabbed once in the back twice in his legs. He never saw his attackers face. Whoever it was they fled the scene on the back of a motorbike driven. By an accomplice Mr Lau had recently been let go. As the chief editor of the Ming Pao newspaper his dismissal sparked protests in Hong Kong from citizens who feared the Chinese Communist. Party's suppression of the press. The attack was one in a string of assaults on Chinese journalists a year prior a car had been driven through the home of media executive Jimmy Lai. The culprits had left to presence in lies driveway a machete at an axe Francis Moriarty. The head of the Press Freedom Committee told reporters Hong Kong's reputation as a free and international city will suffer if such crimes go unsolved and unpunished but in the darkest corners of Hong Kong freedom only means what the triads say it does and you can't punish the men who break the law if they're also the ones enforcing it..

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