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To buy tickets, go to Howie Carr show dot com. Click store scroll down. They are discounted. You can't beat this price. They're priced move. When we get back, we'll do the contest, and we'll also talk about Hillary and Bill. They made yet another appearance and I'm just not convinced that she's not running for president, so we can debate that when we come back she looks awful old in those pictures at the parade. Bill doesn't exactly like a spring chicken either. Eight four four five hundred forty two forty two. I'm Howie Carr. It didn't come here to be made sport of. Oh. Week. Hi, this car, I'm here with Paul one of our listeners from Fremont. New hampshire. Paul went to visit perfect smiles in Nashua New Hampshire. We saw Dr Houghton tell us what Dr Houghton and perfectsmiles did for EUPOL. I always had closed lip smile. Never never smiled. I had nothing to smile about with the teeth. I had Dr Houghton was able to, to, to put together the design for my teeth that absolutely stunning with a perfect smile. How's your life changed? All I've become more of a happy person. It's just it's just an amazing transformation house. Dr how different than earlier that the you went to I've gone back to my general dentist. They have commented that they have not seen work this good. And they have other clients that would benefit from the work that Dr Houghton does this summer do something for yourself. Call perfectsmiles six zero three five nine five six six nine nine six three five nine five six six. If you're going to take a road trip in need directions, which means your smartphone needs to be mounted inside your car, Nick guy with wire cutter dot com tested about sixty.

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