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And your experience with Mr Nixon is honored just to be even talking to you. I want to thank you, and I'm glad people who disagree with me. Listen, because that's the only way the program is interesting. Now, with the niceties out of the way here comes that interesting part fire away when you describe police are storm troopers, and we know what the history of that said that who said that? No, sir. No. Nope. Never the federal officers and Portland. She described them as storm troopers. Nancy Pelosi never described federal officers or federal police storm troopers. I said they acted like storm troopers, and they did, whose right is saying they acted like stormtroopers? Same is describing them a storm troopers completely wrong, Knowing it's a myth created disagree. Like John Know. Would you think the Rothman show weeknights at six on kgo 8 10? When we say that John Rothman show or any of Aghios talk shows or family friendly way mean it. My 14 year olds on Devon implored me to call in because he disagrees with me. I feel that the debate was one pretty clearly by pence because he effectively controlled the conversation. That was your son there with you. Yeah. Hi. Hi, Devon. I wanted to get the counter view. Your father thought Pence one. He told me you thought Harris one? Well, I think calmly Harris, one because she came out with a very, very strong Long opening statements, and she kind of attacked him on the offensive right away. So if you were old enough, and you could vote, would you vote for Biden? Absolutely. Okay, Jon. I just thought from a debate standpoint, he carried the day I expected her to destroy him. And I just didn't think she pulled it off talking politics in your house. Share it with your kgo family. Nikki, Mark, Pat Chip and John 80 88 10 Because if you're talking about it we're talking about on kgo 8 10. That's my God. That's why God Afternoon iPad thirst and Tim Sika is with me along with Kim McAllister and we are talking about movies. Tim, can you do one in 0? 5.5 minutes? Oh, yeah. All right. I'll pick one. Okay, let's do the boys in the band. Okay? The boys in the band is back after 50 years, and it is not a musical. Right, which was famous tag line. The boys in the band is not a musical, but this new ID aeration of the boys in the band is back, and it's on Netflix. Right now. It's a great play, and it was filmed brilliantly by William Friedkin in 1970, with the original cast of the 1968 off Broadway production. This movie is a record of the 2018 Broadway revival. It was directed by Angel in America's Joseph Mantello, and it was slightly altered from the stage, but with 2018 revivals cast intact. Jim Parsons Mad Bomber and Zachary Cain tell among others, and it takes place in 1968 in New York. And the premise is that a group of gay friends get together to celebrate. One of their birthdays had a Manhattan Upper East Side apartment. And then everything is thrown into chaos when the hosts potentially closeted college roommate shows up uninvited to this party for a reason we never really learned are are certain of, and this Netflix movie is a really Record of the 2018 Broadway revival. It took 50 years for the For the show the boys in the band to actually reach Broadway. I hadn't realized that it wasn't a Broadway show was off Broadway. It originally opened in 1968, and it ran over 1000 performances, and it became a big commercial hit, And this is a very good movie. Personally, I prefer the William Friedkin movie version of the play. William Frequent of The Exorcist in the French Connection Thing directed. This was one of his early movies. I think that the 1970 movie is one of the really one of the best stage to screen adaptations of any straight player I have ever seen. This one is good. It's well done for the most part, but It's also not as electric and in the moment is the freakin film. But I still think it'll more than suffice. A za kind of introduction to the play for a generation..

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