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Will be finished soon you'll be finalized over the next couple of weeks it's actually translation is the biggest thing the deal is finished but the translation is very important to us and make sure you have the right translators because you can lose a lot with bad translation LA county health officials are warning that three people with measles passed through LAX last Wednesday morning there's no more exposure threat at the airport but health officials say anyone who is in terminals four or five between six fifty AM and noon on Wednesday may have been exposed and they should check their immunization records and contacted doctor if any symptoms develop students at a liver in high school remembering a teacher who died over the weekend trying to save a stranded hiker Hector variola is one of the students at Damien high school who says his teacher Tim staples was a great person he was always someone I looked up to use a true role model for me someone that I wanted to model myself after staples died on Saturday during a search on mount Baldy for in Irvine hiker who went missing over a week ago officials say the thirty two year old fell down and I shoot after becoming separated from other members of the search and rescue team fellow teacher Quincy Sam says the recently married staples was a wonderful person this is the type of young man that if I had a daughter I would like her to marry the search for the missing hiker is being suspended Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news an amber alert that had been affected cross the state out of San Jose has just been canceled police say a man suspected of stabbing his girlfriend Anna ducting their two year old daughter has been found in San Luis Obispo county mental health professionals at Kaiser Permanente a facilities are walking picket lines across the state the middle labor standoff that's been going on for over a year the strike includes about four thousand workers statewide but Kaiser officials say they're doing everything they can to minimize disruptions to patients they warn however that some of ointments may need to be rescheduled talk radio seven ninety two C. sports Sam's were beaten by the cowboys.

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