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Of them like when miners you denied them their opportunity to play and showcase their skills. Professional scouts. So for a guy like Quinn, the on Lee thing he has is the Senior Bowl. So that's probably why he's practicing like a maniac. It is obsessed. He's a D three player, hardly any of them ever got drafted, although quite a few from our state have You know, there's a guy in my college graduating class. Was drafted into the NFL and played for 15 years. Well, Williams of the Falcons is in my class of across lasted 15 years. Thea other guy who had a tremendous career in the NFL out of our conference of Some people remember Billy Schroeder, who also went to lacrosse, but it's another one from the cross. Tom Newberry was He's borderline Hall of Fame type player. He was a tremendous offensive lineman for the Los Angeles Rams. People have focused on Kumerow and a few others. And then there's Dave Craig going back in the day. I mean, he went to a school that canceled football. Milton A few of the others. This one If you have come out of the state schools, including Across, produced quite a few of them back in the area where they were the dominant school. But the Quinn minor story is That's something I made. Paula Paula just found the video. And as they say, what often will happen with the D three player. I don't mean Division one F. C s or even Division two D three or non scholarship players is every now and then one of them will get invited to a training camp. And play his way onto the team. A guy like Kumerow who I'm pretty sure Jake was never drafted, or Schroeder ever drafted Billy shoulder. I don't believe that he was, I think, you know an undrafted free agent who just shows their skills. But For a guy to actually be invited to the Senior Bowl. And then who knows? Maybe when they actually play the game this weekend and the other guys, they're going at full strength that they'll make a fool them and kick him around. But what he's doing in the practices is creating an incredible buzz and the fact that it's a kid from Hartford and it was the night of senior season and Whitewater because a bunch of college presidents didn't let the small schools play when the big ones could All the cool story next story, this branding that is done of cable television stations and so on. I think many of you are aware the Fox sports Wisconsin has been sold. Fox doesn't own them anymore. They've been sold. The Sinclair Sinclair is the media company. We like conservative. They're the ones that Have the men. I forget the name right now. They bought W G in America, and they have a straight down the middle on news broadcast on there. The ownership of the station of the of the company has just stood its ground with regard to their conservative beliefs. Anyway, they bought many of the regional sports networks around the country, which means that they have the right The play by play for almost all of the sports teams in America, and including in Wisconsin. They'll have all the games that Fox Sports Wisconsin currently holds, anyway. Long story made short. They've done something that I don't believe I've ever heard of anyone doing before. Have you ever heard of a television network selling your naming rights? I hate to give any ideas that our company I mean, Paul somehow managed to sell the rights to the day he literally We just heard the think we've sold the rights to the TV set TV set in our studio video services provided by Don't give him any ideas because the next thing you know, we are going to be news talk. 11 30. We're going to be like what? I know which one it will be had. I don't wanna go when he fired the rightness anyway, I can't think of any network that ever sold the naming rights. Can you? None. I mean, you know, Fox News Channel's owned by fax, a CNN is owned by You Know, CNN, Time Warner, the Disney stations. They're owned by them. I've never like it that CBS. CBS doesn't sell their name toe like Ford. I just have never heard of anyone. With the name that's on. There is usually the name of the company that owns it anyway. Sinclair has sold the naming rights of all of its sports networks to Bally's. The casino company and give a gambling machine manufacturer. So the name of the channel and all of the other sports networks around the country will be within a few months. Bally's Sports Wisconsin We're gonna people think Bali's owns and no. Sinclair owns the station, but the naming rights they're sold the valleys and that's what they're going to brand. The network 6 26. Those were all weird stories. Weren't they sit? Yeah. 6 26 news Talk 11. 30 ws. It's time for rapid traffic from the Lynch GM superstore in Burlington Total traffic Center. We still have crashed cleanup, partially obstructing the exit ramp. Sound bound. I 41 to Hampton Avenue. Apart from man to your roadways are in pretty good shape. The rest of I 41 is moving. Well, I 94 doing just fine between the mark and interchange and more. Linda. Road as well. And your other typical problem areas on I 43 are all flowing pretty freely right now, too. If you see any issues out there called a total traffic tip line of 414944 51 11. Yes, Grandmother. What's the matter with you? Well, and she said to say.

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