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You on the air uh dr fletcher welcome to start startup nation radio we appreciate you joining us great to be here well patti if i may i know it's dr patty fletcher but patty may a call your patty yeah cleaver we my parents comic out i know how that goes all right well you wrote a book called disrupters success strategies from women who break the mould and first i guess if you would what was w why did you write the book we want to get into it we want to start to tee up why this is important subject matter and so on but first you made the effort to focus on this write the book in your highly focused on the subject matter tell us why and what prompted you to do it yeah you know it really are we now have getting beyond the rhetoric and really trying to understand why so few women have achieved what they upset out to achieve when it comes to disrupting the status quo and the books that we've had out there in the discussions that we've had out there have really been about fixing women right there's something wrong with women because they're not able to do what men can do and books likely nn although fantastic 'cause they brought the topic of women in power women in the workplace to the mainstream i can't think of one female disruptor i know who isn't leaning in so much better face hits the ground so there has to be something else and so it was about demystifying what's really going on finding out that these are really systematic problems and that there's nothing wrong with women there's not nothing wrong with men and that there's also no one path to success as a disruptor in the book you can see that the the big problem is that there are uh rules that use the uh the book helps you recognize and smashed those old ruehe rules and so on and those rules does all rules are what is in essence working against women what are those rules what are you referring to and what i'm referring to the blaming same game when it comes to that gender inequity in the workplace and onto our ecosystem that why do we have it in the system is rob with unconscious bias and those unconscious sizes there are.

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