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Glenn Beck program. Pat. I know you're a big fan of Katy Katy Perry. Oh, but she has done something that I just can't believe she have you seen them. I've seen them. My goodness case. You haven't seen them here? They are. Shoes. I call the mammy slippers because they're clearly mammy slippers. That's clearly what she was talking about. And so they have been pulled from stores. Also, look a little bit like Mr. potato head slippers. They do. Well. This one's looks like Mr. potato head, which is obviously. You know, a a an anti potato statement. And this is clearly a Miami slipper. Wow. And I say we we tie stones around her throw into a lake if she floats. We know she means it, you know, I we'll have to kill her. If she doesn't float she's witch. Choose an innocent. Okay. All right. Yeah. That's where I was. So we're gonna have no fascist bonfire tonight. We'll give you the details of where we're going to be. But we're gonna have a big bonfire. We're gonna throw books and shoes and everything else that we don't like into a big bonfire and just to make our point no fascist solids a great way to celebrate. No fascist. Okay. So so pad is very excited about the border. I finally happened. It's fixed we're done. Now. We yeah. I don't think we are. No, we're totally. This is totally cool because they got one point three seven five billion dollars a lot to build a full fifty five miles of border wall. Impenetrable hang on just get around or with that on a two thousand mile border. You can't hold it. Just a second. I thought we know that estimates, and they're always wrong estimates are that it's going to take at least twenty billion dollars. To build the fence twenty five. Now, we're we're the game. Now, it's fixed, but we had five billion bright. Yeah, we did. Well, it was initially. Twenty five they offer the full amount just a year ago. But that that that's no longer available, and they know before the shutdown. They did offer one point seven billion dollars. And now after the shutdown. They're getting everything they need the one point five million dollars through deft, an expert negotiation they were able to get just a little bit less than the worst offer before the shutdown. Here's the Broncos here is seriously. Here's the problem. He blinked the great. I think the reason why Donald Trump is one of the best negotiators, and I mean, this -serily my favorite Donald Trump story. You've heard it a million times is how he built Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. We have air rights in New York. People own the air above your building. Right above your building. So Tiffany's which is on the corner opposite of of Trump Tower and about. Half a block away. Tiffany's actually owns all of the air above Fifth Avenue for a couple of blocks. And so you couldn't build anything over like, I think four stories on Fifth Avenue in those blocks because of Tiffany's so he went to Tiffany. It was either Tiffany, Cartier think it was Tiffany's. And he said he before he left he talked to his architect and said, I want you to drop to plans I want you to drop the Trump Tower that we we've been talking about a beautiful tower. And I want you to draw up the plans for the ugliest building that is five storeys ugliest building, you could possibly never imagine. And so he did. And he brought them both to a meeting, and he said, hey, I want to build Trump Tower and the owner of the air right said, no, well, there won't be anything over five stories here because we on the air rights, and we're not going to sell them to you. We don't want some monstrosity here and. He said, you know, what you are. So right. You are. So right now, I've already bought this property with plans to build this. But I knew that you might be set on a small building. So here's what I'm going to build. If you don't sell me, the air rights, and he laid it out, and he said, I'll leave it up to you. But I want you to know I will build that building. He did not blink. And he's a great negotiator. Because when he got back to the office. They were already on the phone saying comeback. We'll do that. Because they knew that son of a bitch will do it. He blinked he he made a promise that he wasn't willing to keep. And they knew that he wouldn't keep it all of his power goes away. Remember, he is the president that I've been looking for for a while and this one category a guy with a twitchy. I I've said this for years. You want your enemies? Need to feel like the president has a twitchy. I where they look at each other and go that guy just might do it. I think he's nuts. So I preferred that way Russia looked at our our president not necessarily the people in our own country. But he has that twitchy I, and you never know what he's going to do. Well, he telegraphed that he was willing to cave, we should clarify. He hasn't done that yet. No. He hasn't. Right. So they this deal was supposedly struck up between Republicans and Democrats. He still has not assigned it or approved it yet. He could still reject it. Now, I how lame are Republicans though for lame or they know they've never had any intent. Now, they haven't they never had any intention five miles of border protection is like finding out you have lung cancer. And your doctor says here's a throat lozenge. Good luck. That's it. That's what I get for lung cancer. Yeah. That's what fifty five miles of border is when you have a two thousand mile border. It's nothing it doesn't. It doesn't help. The problem is doing I think where you can look at this and say, there's a real problem is the Democrats know that this is all being blamed on Republicans. If there is another shutdowns, absolutely no leverage here because Trump came out and said, it was me. Look, the shutdown is mine I own it. And he thought he could stick with. But he I think he found out that didn't work for a because it didn't make the case where. And the T needed to make the case the American people could have been with him. If he made the case look at how Democrats do that they pound, but they also have they also have the press which makes it really easy yet. But the president's got Fox News. I mean, they could help them with this president has Fox News. He also has talk radio. Has he has tons of outlets. Remember what President Obama was message? President Obama was doing at the end of his term. He was only talking to bloggers. Yeah. You know, YouTubers he YouTubers bloggers why the president isn't on. You know? Ben Shapiro's right show. Why he's not on? I'll I'll understand why he wasn't on our show. It might be a little wounding for him or for me either way. But I welcome him to make his case. Here's people know the case on the border, don't they? I mean, people are aware that will it's going on in the border, and they still see people are saying. Yeah. See how it was look at the poll numbers even from Republicans towards the end. Right. I mean, they're not good. Then we've been talking about this for how good. You know, how many years twenty years and Trump at least for four. Yeah. We're coming up on four years since he came down that escalator be that speech. The borders has been the biggest issue in the country ever. Since look the problem is with Republicans is they don't have any big ideas. Look at look at how if they did they couldn't sell it. I know look at how the green new deal is being embraced by millennials. Yeah. You can sell the green new deal to your base. But we can't sell anything. To have anything new. We're not reaching out for the stars. Look at look at what we did yesterday. He signed an executive order for AI. But it was not an in inspirational. AI executive order. Really did nothing. It said, okay. To the to the departments all in the United States government. You should look into a and see if we can develop friendly, I it's cetera. There's a moment here where he could have said look the world is on the edge of profound change. And it's either going to be good or it's going to be bad. We're going to be the leaders of good while everyone else is pursuing a I just to conquer the world. We are going to pursue a I to help us solve cancer and cure cancer, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. We are going to cure things in the next ten years because the United States is going to find a way to get a I n b their first everyone else wants to have it. So they can conquer the world. We want to do it. So we can conquer hunger. We can conquer slavery. We can conquer sex. Trade. We can Conquer Cancer. That's inspiring. And and it would cost you almost nothing. What about flat tax reform, you could attack? This'll be the time to do it with all the extreme proposals on the level want something new they want something new or at least bold. I mean, the flat tax isn't new. But at least it's Poliet. It is new because nobody's nobody's ever really seriously considered it and done it. I mean, I think that was one of the issues with this speech, which was a good speech. I thought John great speed. But there was not a bold idea there. Right. I thought there was at the end and the beginning, but it was all about coming together and uniting, but you have to wait around an idea bigger than unification. You know what? I mean, he he started out great when he said, look we United against the Nazis four freedom of the world we United and put a man on the moon. Yes. It does bring us together. When there's a big. Idea and in a vacuum where there are no big ideas. A big idea like let's get rid of every car in airplane in the next ten years people like the sound of a new deal, and they will run to it. You'll notice the college campus reform just did a video. That's really good. Yeah. They said are you for it? Absolutely. Times. Finally, it's a big idea. I like these ideas where we're going to take something progressive. I really liked aggressive as soon as they start reading the details. They're like, wait. No, let's stupid. We don't wanna do that. No. That's no. That's crazy. No, no. No. No, no. Where are the big ideas? Where are the things that we can all unite around? Timid to do any of that has to be the president's message. He cannot spend the next year. They are going to spend it on division. You have to spend it on a uniting idea. A big idea, and you can't just say the wall if you wanna make it about the wall. Mike Lee says there is a legal way constitutional way to build it. In some areas out an executive order with an executive order, and he said, it would be constitutional not all of it. But a good portion of it you want to pursue that as long as it's constitutional pursue that pursue that. But then add in things like let's make this easier for people who really want to be here to come in. Let's let's let's widen the door while at the same time we shot off the illegal immigration just start on that. Let's widen the door. If you have a mind for a I if you're one of the best AI people around we want to use it to cure cancer, not to control people come here. We welcome. You your.

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