Mitt Romney, KIM, President Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


But the new house rule allows headwear for religious reasons, the house will still banned democratic Florida congresswoman Frederica Wilson from wearing her signature cowboy hat on the floor. It's just a fashion statement. Minnesota's Ilhan, Omar, one of two freshman, Muslim, female members will be permitted to Donaghy job were scarf with the speakers lobby. Chad pergram, Fox News. This is Paul pourri with Fox News director of polling. Dana blamed in several hot survey nuggets this week. I Mitt Romney the former GOP presidential candidate and newly-installed Utah Senator made headlines with an op-ed critical of President Trump that should please. Most of his constituents are Fox News voter analysis shows about two thirds of Utah voters sixty three percent want. Romney to stand up to the president. Next house. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the gavel again, more voters view her negatively than positively still she's more popular than her peers thirty six percent, have favorable opinion applause. It's twenty eight percent for both Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer now one from the archive in August twenty seventeen less than one voter in five supported both a border wall. The bull elk's bugle. One of nature's most wondrous sounds. That is not a bull elk that's Kim per RV tank. Tankers spewing all over her camper. Way way out in the middle of the country. There's an elk. And that's Kim. It's wild out there when it gets too wild. Progressive has your have you covered today at progressive dot com. For casualty insurance company and affiliates and about six miles per hour. Think you've got a long commute. You're not alone. Twenty seventeen cents is bureau survey finds that Americans average nearly twenty seven minutes on a one way trip to the office. An earlier census study revealed that sixty one percent of us spend at least one hour driving to work one commute and highway four ten in Ontario almost turned deadly last week on a piece of plywood came loose from a truck and sliced through the windshield of a passenger car resting just inches away from the driver and passengers bodies. Both will be okay officials say they're hoping the incident will serve.

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