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Astra's read of the dodgers as we've got five three showman streaming second arranged for the dodgers totti watch probably just for one batter brian granted he got up what it was five rows begun heard ron show evidently they roberts facade even though they're down there close it up we still said borrow out there with iob watch it at maceio beach a little bit inside one dance got a couple of his to dotted rbi struggle of the second of a bit of lukashenko widow at field before chop at the sixth she baloch closure order wracked for these astro ventures were camped out elites doubted judicial or out there well aware here that that is not real sure we're here to lobby get a couple of bad couple back after they just gave a couple up still going to waste ago anwar cancer outside shift on with charter ugly belhadj on the right side sugar low left outfielders basically straightaway slightly to the option against the left former grave and yankee the chihuahua japanese or a strike juichiro on a happy would act corporate jerry davis she thought that ball was low saving davis but muttered shopping entity was ravaged bottle and it caught the bottom of the strike zone i think he never lastinning he he probably caught what he thought was a strike at the bottom at his own for his pitcher chan to outside of fulco.

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