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Hey everybody. Welcome to twitch damage trivia. That's a right. This is this week in survivor. History the ultimate trivia competition thinking rob. What is this yes. We have turned this week in survivor history. Everybody's favorite show about the week of survivors a gone by with a quiz at the end into a full-blown survivor game show and now let me bring in the man who is the king of swish ultimate trivia. King t. u. t. Here he is it's jordan kayla shorten how are you. I'm doing great brought. Rob apparently holding back all these years. The quiz was an ultimate enough. So now we're going alternate. Yeah we're taking it to the next level here on twitch ultimate trivia. Three contestants here today to talk with us. About how many rounds of trivia jordan we have we have five different games. So we'll we'll call it five rounds trivia. Yeah five rounds of trivia the winner will take me on in the bonus round jordan. How was your summer. I had a. I mean my summer was fine. It wasn't as good as my fall was better able to coach some some cross country which is like the ultimate social distancing sport. But i it's been like it's been like everybody else's summer and fall basically Inside most most of the time. I did i did go viral with certain certain yes. We're video by the way if you're a survivor only listener and you've been gone all summer jordan. Kayla has a brand new catchphrase seeds baby. It's this is what happens when you eat bagels talk too much about bagels on a stream and you're all bagels. Just remember you've for for two words. Yeah and this is the seed of an idea. This is our first time out for the tuition ultimate trivia show and so hopefully we hope you like it we'd love to hear your feedback and then If this is something that people enjoy we'll have it back as part of the rotation once we get back to maybe around february when there are cer- weeks in survivor history to revisit in the spring. Of course the big thing that we announced this week is that we are doing the big ultimate top forty rankings of survivor and so we have put out a poll we during the biggest fan vote ever for ranking the survivor seasons go to rob as website dot com slash top forty poll to get your entry in before december twenty third and each week in twenty twenty one starting in january we will be counting backwards from forty all the way to one and we'll have a panel discussion about each season along the way very excited about that to make sure you get your pallets in to rank the seasons so we can reveal that all twenty twenty one but let's meet our panel of guests here today. Why don't we welcome in a woman with the most twist experience here on the panel jordan. How many times has guest appeared on twitch. Mary i think. I think you're in the air before timers club. The frazier timers up. I think it's really just as just leon. That are in that club. I know that what's your record mary. Well let me introduce. I should should okay all right. So she is a prolific trish guests. Of course you've heard her on. Many rob is a podcast episodes and of course that she is the host of cow. Ski cast here. Let's welcome in frail. Mary herself. Mary caskey mary. How are you. I'm doing great. I wish i had a word catchphrase. I have not spent the time in quarantine coming up with one. But do you have any. Pets freezes pulls right there No not really. that'd be great.

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