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The new incarnation will launch in the summer and like the CW revival. Be titled, simply nine oh two one oh, that's confusing. And it is a hour long drumming that will find the cast playing heightened versions of themselves inspired by their real lives and relationships. So it's kind of. Of a reality show. I know high feel about that. We'll see what happens though. Having gone their separate ways since the original series, ended nineteen years ago, they will reunite when one of them suggests it's time to get a reboot up and going and getting going may make it a delicious soap more than the reboot itself, there is a Hollywood darlings episode about this, and which Christine Lincoln, she met up with Patrick Duffy from by step and tried to convince that they need a revival of the show, and he was like, no but I'm kind of interested in this concept. It's just weird enough to might that might work. I don't think they're actually on revived the show, but I think it'd be fun to see the characters. I mean, the actors back together playing heightened versions themselves and a reality show and it's only six episodes. So it's not a huge time commitment for anybody involved, a stunt, on the set of LA's finest has taken, a very real toll Kosho runner, Brandon Sonya had one of his legs amputated below the knee after a karston when horribly wrong on sat holy cow. So near and his fellow executive producer slash co show runner, Brandon Margolis we're both injured in the accident. I stunt car crash into a cargo crate, which then smashed into the video village area where so near Margolis and other producers watching the sun on monitors Margolis suffered minor injuries and was quickly released, but Sonia was remains. Hospitalized at least as of this report and investigation is currently under way to determine what went wrong and how to prevent a similar tragedy from happening in the future. L finest and off shoot of bad boys movie franchise stars, Gabrielle union in her bad boys role of sid Burnett. Now, an LAPD detective Jessica Alba, co-stars, Ashur partner, Nancy McKenna. And Zach Gilford and Ryan mcpartlin lead the supporting cast a series was said today, byu Monday may thirteenth on spectrums on demand service as the cable providers, I original series production was temporarily halted after this accident. Whoa. Imagine you sign it to be a show runner for a show and you have to, and you get in accident, and you have to have your leg amputated that is just so crazy. But hopefully everything's gonna be okay after that. Wow. Babysitters club will reconvene at Netflix. For its next meeting. The streaming series is handed a ten episode order to the to a drumming series based on an Mertens beloved books described as a contemporary, family friendly at patient. Netflix is live action series. Will follow the friendship of the babysitting. Five best friends, Christie Marianne, Claudia Stacey and dawn in Stony Brook, Connecticut. Martin is among the show's executive producers along with Michael DeLuca and. Luccio. Anelia. Rachel shoe, Kurt a writer and co producer for a Netflix glow will serve as show runner. The baby sitters club was previously adapted into a TV series on HBO in nineteen ninety. I don't think I ever saw that a film based on the book. Starring Rachel cook, Larisa, Alantic, and Shiloh Fisk, followed in ninety five I definitely saw that. I don't remember much about it, but I do remember it. So I'm oddly excited about this. It's kind of odd that they're calling it a drama. I, I guess there's lots of drama from those books, but I liked that. It's going to be contemporary, family friendly adaptation. So it's not gonna be like totally scandalized, like a lot of things are on streaming services. So I will definitely be.

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