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And strict was totally out of whack there now you do wonder you hadn't pitched their off day and then has it fits all weekend long maybe it was a little rust but he knows it the giants are conferencing on the mound here with the catcher the shortstop third baseman and hunter strickland unleashed stays out there victor lots of the whole blade empire making his way to the bound to break up this meeting and instead of glaringly kurt suzuki who's got much more power has been announced as the pinch hitter flaherty was gonna hit gift visit or were not the tying run without now that it is suzuki comes up braves take a chance where one swing might tie it on the ninth inning is drumming the most stressful inning of this game four to one giants but to on and only one out suzuki having a very good year three oh one batting average five home runs fourteen batted in we've seen him a lot over the years in the bay bridge series with oakland now now here in atlanta facing hunter strickland who's ready to go here's the first pitch way outside all one man basketball command is normally so precise for strickland that's kind of his calling card suzuki has never faced stricklin in a big league game a little surprising.

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