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The, truth is my body want bread All right so tapes there and now she comes out with a. Pizza, that's made of a collie flower crust okay so I don't. Get this whole substituting vegetables for complex carbohydrates I think that that is just kind of ridiculous I see these, pastas where people make Keeney pasta see here's the problem is. There. Are three types of carbohydrates there is complex carbohydrate that's the bread pasta rice the cereal and then there's the simple carbohydrates which are the fruits and the vegetables and then there's the refined, carbohydrates like the cakes and cookies okay so. When you take a complex carbohydrate. Or you take a simple carbohydrate and try and make it into a complex carbohydrate is, trying to like trying to make an. Apple into, an orange it's. Not going to be the same thing so now she makes this pizza these healthier. Pizza, lines according to her and they're like supposedly a personal size. Supreme pizza and it contains three hundred seventy calories It's eighteen grams of fat and then forty two grams of carbohydrate an eight hundred milligrams, of sodium and what they do is instead. Of using bread I guess they, use collie flower which to me is like just have the real pizza for you know. Like have one piece instead of three And. So yeah she's trying, to say. That this is so much, healthier and that she's trying to, make healthy, food accessible to people but for the same price you could actually buy seven other frozen pizzas so if you look in the, frozen pizza I'll you could usually find a really pretty inexpensive, I'm not saying they're they're healthy I'm sure, they're super processed but I'm just telling. You guys you know we can't trust these, people that are, just into making money on and not really experts in in anything related to food nutrition working. Out sports equipment just because somebody gets on shark tank doesn't mean, that you should fall for it, and I'll be quite honest with you, I looked at those key towns and I I was like I would never put. This in my body and it's, not that I'm all for the FDA but the thing is, there's no, regulations on some of this stuff and At some point in time I'm not a big regulations person I don't feel comfortable putting. Something in my body where. I don't, even, know how this process what was some beyond your factoring process of this where it's process I don't know about you. But I'm not putting that, in my body so just be careful be. Super super careful where you get your nutrition, information from your exercise information from just because something's. On shark tank or, you know. Oprah Winfrey decides to go, with Weight Watchers I personally think, Weight Watchers, socks I think it makes people think about food ninety percent of the day with the counting the weighing I can't tell you, how many clients I've had in my office where it's actually, they tell me they ban on every diet, there is and that they've tried Weight. Watchers two or three times and I'm here, to tell you, that the do it yourself thing isn't working and what I do offer is a free discovery. Call at harmony with food coaching dot com a forty five minute call We'll see where you're at what your what. Program I think would be best for you programs where we can work together for a full year and I will be on you like white on rice and it's not, the same as when. You use your insurance because the insurance run the insurance companies run on the. Show if you choose to use your insurance that's called but we'll talk about that after the. Break we'll be right back The.

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