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Doing today finally after couldn't after two weeks of having the deck's stacked against them finally giving on the year all right we move on down freedom's highway the uh the child it'd be nice to him and the deaths which you give yeah y all right i'm on my goal even hang and i'm gonna let him have his say i i don't know how much money he sends us i i i don't know i don't know what gave him new i was in okay i'm gonna get a dissenting voice dad would say today and boy okay this is what makes america great folks all right one eight hundred nine two three nine three a hudson one nine two three nine three eight five black history i'm reading out over the before the mayflower history of black america and reading in the front part of the johnson publishing company nineteen sixty nine his book has been around a long time let me see while copyrighted 1960 119 sixty nine had some great information and it just for black history we from page one eighty four thin before the mayflower negroes than whites and i quote negroes and whites we're going to school together riding on streetcars together and cohabitating in and out of wedlock negro men were marrying white women in the south but it was more fashionable investigators report for white men to marry negro women and then the racial board was running of the university of south carolina when they grow professor a rich it t o was teaching white and black youth metaphysics analogically of these things were happening on a higher level what of the masses and there again that the description of this day while the lines a full description of a this got a few lines for the first time this morning one.

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