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UCSD is out as well. We're blocked by the do coddle, but former Duke player analysis in John's Shiraz man talking about huddle. So I would have to think that don't your chefs is out looking at Bolton as well. Hey, he landed and landed at the base of the support on the floor kind of if you were to take that ninety degree angle and wedge your foot straight into it. So he falls in straight legs in straight down in between that and so who knows what has happened. But obviously a lot of force came down with it. So you just hope that he's. But it's not something that. Keeps them out for a long time. He immediately grabbed the knee. Exactly where to grab two because when he hit it almost looks like, he's straight leg. Disney into the base of that support. Right. Where it meets the floor his left knee. Bolden is grabbing a hold of. Here in the Smith center. And there's a certain amount of this just is for any player. Just scary. As can be because you know, how important me is. But there's also a part of it that is a shock factor. And then you start realizing, okay? What just how badly am I heard or potential AM? I heard. So certainly Falwell wishes with Marquis right now is to Laurie. What's going on? Eric delory is going to check in for him. And he is now up to a standing position. Seventeen twenty seven to go first half. Tar heels up five to early. Brooks will be at the free throw line action stops after Holden. Really nasty tumble to the basket. Support Brooks, both emboldened will have an arm around teammate on either side. As he's gonna limb to the back. Kenny Williams goes to say something to quickly. And second consecutive game. Which these teams play that a Duke player? Is injured early this time in his golden. So now everybody will try and regroup as we told you to Loria has checked in for the blue devils. Brooks will be to the line for two shots where he is made six of seven, but over the last seven games had just had been there. Very often. This off. Moore's I three throw off the back iron up in the air and off the right side of the rim. No good. On a long time to think about these two free throws. Remains five two. Second one is in for Brooks. And it's six two. Targes start tearing immediately after somebody gets injured, but that free throw's started to open the top Carolina's fans reddish long two and a foul called on Cameron Johnson. Reddish came up way short on the shot and Johnson called for the foul hitting radishes arm on the jumpers. And now reddish will go to the line where he is seventy six percent shooter. He'll have to shots. And the first one spins in seventeen eighteen to go first half. Now, six three Carolina with the early lead. About reddish that I think is really understated is just how much his height. Asset for his style of play. I mean, we talk a lot about him Johnston and his size, and he's such a mismatch radishes taller than even Cam by interest. So Luke maye slips a strain on the right side gets the ball. Kenny Williams left corner tap past the white white back at the top of the key came from space. He'll take the free rattles out. Brooks fighting hard for the rebound off. Of. Rooks last Rodriguez and Bill Covington had to confer for a moment, and it will belong to do sixteen fifty seven to go in the first half. Good. Look there from white who has already taken three three pointers made one the tar heels five of their six shots have been threes. They are one of five Carolina leading six four but do cast the basketball. Cream for Jones to get to the middle of the floor for the blue devils over to Barrett. Jab step now, he'll try along three. No good. Luke maye with the rebound may pitch ahead to Kenny Williams down in front of everybody for the easy to go. You haven't had some of the early backside of the defense success that Carolina did over a camera. But what they have had to push ahead that have resulted in point eight four. O'connell left wing corner left Jones spinach rates into the paint. He scoops it up from the right side. Started from the left finished on the right Gobi like flying frontside had a tipped away for a moment. Able to get it back. Eight six the score may guarded by Loria bounces right elbow to Brooks. Kenny Williams behind to Cameron Johnson long. Look at a triple good may gets the rebound. Now. He's in a fight for the loose ball loose on the deck. And eventually do gotta there with it. Barrett. Gonna come frontside left in the line boy uses Fati to push Johnson away and Bank it in Allie flexes his muscles as he ties the game field push ahead of broad sand. Has it blocked from behind by Laurie as he tried to get? No whistle. As Duke is tied it up at eight to O'Connell O'Connell traveled as he slid on his drive left and lane. Metal turn it back over to the tar heels. Carolina will have the basketball when action resumes. Fifteen thirty five the store on the UPS or excuse me. The time the score on the UPS scoreboard. Reads, eight eight between the heels and the devil devil's. That's brought to you by UPS working together to achieve great things. Just like the tar heels that's problem-solving. Visit UPS dot com. To learn more ups, proud partner of Carolina athletics. Eight eight knotted up about four.

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