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Jeff Bates dot what was your takeaway from the whole K D drama in the blame game that ensued? I thought the blame game honestly was a little bit ingenuous. Because when it comes down to whatever the motivations this, Kevin Durant stitching. Kevin Durant native choice to go back out. And, and you know what we know that Kevin Durant from social media postings is a really sensitive guy, and that's things get to him in that maybe he did hear what people were saying about him and maybe he did react to what people were saying about him. And maybe that was one of the drivers behind this. But ultimately, Kevin Durant is the person who at night has to look in the mirror and say, do I believe that what I did is the right thing or the wrong thing. And if he did not go out there and the Golden State Warriors did not win that game. Was Kevin Durant going to be able to live with himself? That's a question that I think we all need to ask ourselves, every day are our decisions real to who we are. Are they consistent? Are they logical? Do they try and fulfill? Everything that we want to be as a person what Kevin Durant has wanted to be from the start of his career is respected. And I think Kevin Durant, never will be more respected than he is right now for going out there with what in all likelihood was like a partial achilles tear and blowing it up. Yeah. I mean that is like that is the that is the hero on the battlefield. And I'm sorry to mix war metaphors with sports here. I know that's wrong. That's the hero going out on the battlefield and swinging his sword. One final time to, to try and save his Queen that is Giora more Mont, right there. You know, building down in, in a heroin fashion. And I think Kevin Durant as terrible as this next year is going to be for him as arduous as the rehabilitation is going to be as much as throws his career flux. I feel like Kevin Durant by going out there was being true to himself, Jeff passan joining us, we'll get the baseball second. I wanted to play you Doris. Birch report regarding the pre-game and what the, the warriors were saying 'cause since you know, so much about arm injuries and how they could relate from one injury to next. Take a listen to this. And I want your.

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