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And we stand by want to offer you a invite to our fifty are coral camp if you wanna taste the navy seal training it's hellwig simulation nonstop for fifty hours probably love crush it where would you do that we do here in california catholic school vail lake and of course in the ocean the ocean for eight hours one in the nights rucking mountains it's a nonstop suffer finesse foot is done in a team environment where whole ideas to kind of connected a much deeper level and people experience extended flow states that lasts like six ten hours times yeah all these different elements so far out of your element you know what i mean yeah you've lost touch with everything you thought was normal goes away and see to click into whole no new motive being you know yeah i i wish i speaking of that just i i was somebody a friend of mine it does my friend my my business partner in the in my creamer business the superfood project actually is he invited me to do the ball one thousand and and so i went down there to do the ball one thousand with him and he goes yeah you you you can do one of the legs with me it'll be great so i go down there and then he goes hey you wanna iron man it and i'm like what do you mean he goes will we get in the car and then we'll switch every once in a while but we won't get out the whole time and i go.

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