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Yeah and i think if if you can re categorize the responsibility of a friend or a listener as being a human who holds space for the person you care about then you can hold space for whatever they need to put in for whatever their feelings are and as a person personally who who wants to help so much that i can. I can jump into that role of being like well. What if we did this. What what if do you think this would make you feel better. And how can i help you find a solution. And i've had to learn as a friend not to jump to trying to make the people. I love feel better as quickly as possible. But to holding a container for them. And there's something about the visual wall of holding a container holding that space to me feels like such a sacred responsibility and active love as a friend that it has allowed me to stop my. Let me figure out how i can help you fix this immediate response right because it's hard for us to see the people that we care about suffer and when we wanna do is we want to take their suffering away. But we're not doing it in a way that is actually helpful to them and the bottom line is that we can't take their suffering away what we can do as we can help them and i really truly feel as a therapist. I've seen this every single person that i've seen that they have the answers inside of them and our jobs therapists and i think our job just as humans to one another is to help people here themselves to give them the space to to let that voice be heard without all the louder outside voices shutting down that voice of knowing that place of knowing that we all have inside. Yeah i really love that. When you think about ways we can lean into our knowing you know things we can do to improve our emotional wellbeing and curious what you believe..

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