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Four to be affair with them we were distributing bulletins to protest us with a with open the windows of our office put big speaker summed a window sales and broadcast to the people outside at that time we got in touch with the voice of america and we suggested that we use their empty slots then the white house got very excited about the idea and they give us a green light to prepare our content the content was sent packages to washington the american technicians were very confused as they never done anything like this before twenty four hours later the miracle happened against all odds b ninety two returned to the serbian airwaves and how did live streaming come in then because he i think you're one of the first writers stations to do that lives through importantly there this activity within that clip uh out on the first day of bombing image was was 24th march 1999 i was arrested the transmitter was blocked and we couldn't broadcast and then the next ten days we realise than the internet was the only option to broadcast the news every one at b ninety two was sacked but they were a group of us went to holland's and we were able to broadcast from there so it was during the nineties that said bierens yorkers of colleagues a space pioneer this use of the ins net to circumvent censorship and i space i'd love to know what kind of legacy think that has had a package and that hasn't gone wbur at the time we came up with the use of the internet globally it was inoperative it was too advanced for the serbian authorities they were always backup locations where we could go to plugging and continue internet streaming and the listeners would be none the wiser this was really kind of grill.

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