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But I think it's pretty odd because you know you that's the first time. You see those two together with the iconic battle between Michael and Laurie you know the first time they actually have that one on one connection battle. So that mean Oh yeah. Because it's like you're like, you said, it's the typical. It's a little bit more extreme brother sister fight. and. It's. It's to me. It's I. Mean the one thing that you always see. Like Fan art, of UC on t shirts, you see it on its when he's. Raising into the closet. And that's the iconic shot that you always see. And as you see the fear on lorries ace. And it I mean it looks. Genuine you know she is. The screen queen because I mean like I said her mom's Janet Leigh. and. Yeah. Yeah, it's. It's one of the. Hour I guess there's a lot of from there's a lot of heart in this movie. and Oh. There is A. Door John Carpenter for. Like. Somebody says like. Somebody asked me the other day I was like. I wasn't you did. You ask what one day it was like. You. Like I somewhat labeled. I know this probably. Probably. Get some slack. Hurt I kind of labeled. Giancarlo. As the. David Lynch or because David Lynch's war thriller like he puts out I feel like lead about let like David. Lynch I. Hope You know what I'm trying to say is 'cause like. David Lynch. He's weird but he tells the story. Really good and. Like John Carpenter. Ease does I. Mean they both put their heart into it so it's like. And they're both very artistic. With what they do and? Because I would. I like John Carpenter over West. Craven. 'cause. I agree with you on that. Carpenter's movies way more than West cravings. I mean. Like I feel like he knows how to. represent. The actual. The the horror villain in. Or anything that's like in the thing he represented he redid that movie so well. Of your original and like I mean, there's I just have a lot of appreciation for John Carpenter's home. To be honest I've why do you think it's still going on I think out of the whole classic slasher series Halloween the really only one that's still continuing. Yeah. Because I mean they pretty much ended Freddy and Jason In one movie. which that is true I. Still to this day when I watched that one because the. The watered down version of Jay from Jay and silent Bob and. It's yeah that one. That one didn't really for me. Obviously because I was just like the ending of two franchises, it seems and. then. They obviously tried to start. Street. With. Yeah I wasn't really a fan of that one. I thought they chose. Good actors but I'm like. Just. Didn't hit didn't hit the same. So I don't know if he recognized it to you, they used a lot of recycled material from Robertson lines to do. Yeah. You might as well. Just. Should've had rounded. England. But Hey Exactly. You can't. Obviously with a character I, Kinda as him, you can't just remake and now I mean. He was the MTV. Movie. The the MTV or like villain that's what I always legal Hamed's because like he had a nine hundred. Form. Yeah. It's. No. You can't replace Freddie because you know you see Robert Space Like added with like Michael you know we all know they had ton of actor that played Michael Yeah. I don't WanNa seem easy to replace Michael but like I've run a mass can't see the face but. You know because I kind of face of Michael is. Scant. Jason and when you're characters really speak, it's easy to replace and that is true easy fill in but like when you have somebody. Is like. As charismatic as Robert Englund was like you can't. You can't replace him like I don't know. It was bad. If you're listening this. Watch all the original with Robert Anyone especially for. It's like the best one I think is that really brings in as a character. As an but. Yeah Let's go back to. The appreciation of John Carpenter and He pretty much. Like he's told me with the thing and obviously Halloween and then I started watching all the other stuff and you know it goes from escape from New York. In Yeah. Then goes into because he did they live to right. Am I get never run. Yeah because I. Needed a little fun fact. About John, with Halloween, actually the thing was actually cameo in Halloween. Oh, because they're watching that aren't there watching yet. There because it's the horror movie night on Halloween. Because I remember the face sitter was like, oh, we're probably just GONNA watch. The channel and it's like I remember seeing when All the guys around the spaceship. Staying Circle. I remember that seem that. That was one of the shots that was actually in it and yeah I remember that. was. Any. and. The thing is like one of my favorites John, Carpenter's because. The. The makeup and I mean. Out? I like all the practical make. Like they need to bring back practical makeup ex. Thank you. Thank you so much. I am like praising right now. Like don't get me wrong I love CGI but the thing is practical effects look saw realistic and like. About Tom you've you need for that because obviously we both know and everyone else knows that's listening. He is the king of that. Yeah, and it's a little art form. It's you. You. At.

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