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General rank and file. Did not now. After it occurred it was you know. L. hogan finally turned heel. Smart ass answer would be. He's always been healed me. you know. type deal. He sometimes very popular and that a lot of steps chelsea the fact that whoever's closest event steps dictator time going get paid on. They wanna buy anything. Maybe covertly the dirt the the of pack here s- lot of back There's a lot of packing that hogan the jealousy issues were or tough on tougher. Tougher hogan he. He got an unfair handed off often. Not simply kelsey was very very successful. Say wwe they running. Three house shows night. The first thing when a talent got their booking sheet or so look and see where hogan walls and then hope that they're on that same card can they knew it was going to draw more money and the other cards so And that's the guy that got jealous over so this an t with t we really good and holland. Nasty good working. The refs not middling the referee their their bodies are suffering cheating shady somewhat disguised as thinks donald stretch created by wilbur. Snyder wrestling partner. Dick the bruiser. Rebecca indianapolis territory thing. Rexy is heels is way out of it to work for that tag in the corner but He's shutdown right before they would make savage good trauma syndrome and it's all about quite frankly. It's all about selling right now covered but stinks doing a hell with java selling savage during a hell of a job keeping the crowd and bested and his animation in an animated actions. So right now you get hall sting. Their legal savage cheerleading and nash. Waiting to get another tag to come in and trying to maintain the advantage. The psychology of a tag match. Paul is you cut the deal cutting the ring off and half or so that date what it means is going to wrestle. Most of them. Mashing your side of the rain on here in the order. You wanna cliche. You wanna use and you want to turn into a handicap match so if you got Got got a scenario. Where like this situation sting has been isolated savage just over there trying to help him the outside trying to control savage versus never been an easy task and savage has got to get back to his corner because the state does break free. There'll be nobody there to take. So you got you got to that as a baby face. Russell right now stings isolated. So essentially paul with this as love savage. Just out of the pitcher not tagged in Is a handicap match. It's hollow nash versus stink. And that's the art tag team wrestling against the the talk of oil. That died a line from the corner. You all all that means you won't as a tag team. You wanna turn this on a handicap match anybody that are historian so what's the old assassins so hamilton and tom. Resto are watch chain and only anderson and even telling our a midnight express. All those guys are expert. It's isolating one opponent from the pack and and then And then do their do their deeds on that quite frankly not always illegal. Just being very unrelenting shall we say and so it gets so you got you got jeopardy on the baby face key element. You got a baby face. It's not dime selling like crazy because he said immense jeopardy and got these two heels or smart and they're keeping staying in this case isolated three of the four guys here and by the way just for those at home trying to keep up with us work to thirty five thirty eight thirty nine forty time code. Check their three of the four have worked with pat patterson extensively in wwf. Think this is. You know you see some of that influence. When you're talking about this hot tag baby face. He'll work going on here. There's a tag t. We sold the tag like he was a drunk man. Because that's what the audience had been waiting on it and the audience gets a nice pop and savages in legal. That's exactly what the heels did not want to occur right but anybody that patterson Interacted with is going to learn a lot from him and they're going to carry. I guarantee you we got haller national phone right now They would concur. That we're assuming. That's pat patterson influence after you work with him. was profound and pro russian career. Low blow traditional. He'll move behind the referee's backs she the great thing about this as the utilize realization of peewee anderson. The referee and there comes The helps barry comes making his way down the ring the crowds to their feet and this is the start of the historic moment. That changed the business. Jr it really. I did it. It was a it was a positive fresh music music. By the way which is a lost art nowadays. Everybody needs music even for the surprises. That's lower thought. But you're right. Why would you do that. I don't get it well. it's about the entertainment as well. Kiss my ass entertain. I'm surprised if i'm surprised unexcited entertaining. Yeah i wanna be. I don't want. I don't want to act like it was totally unplanned. They already press any music buttons hogan just dropping that big the leg because the announcers are going nuts. Here we go.

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