President Trump, Amazon, Perry discussed on New Hampshire Today


Marketing of the these addictive opioids it is so certainly open this up and i'm not surprised at all that uh get his name will be back in the running want to get back to that you and h poll though so sixty one percent approval rating for governor chris tsunao sooner know who almost uh the the exact opposite with president trump's numbers in new hampshire we're going to see any other democrats beyond steve marsh and jump in in the race for governor mark hateley already oil yeah already and but that request no other democrat had jumped into three and and um ito there there is some hesitation the court because it would first term report governor in after traditionally bill luther second two year term only law craig venter and when you look at look at though when you look at uh the illness you what you wonder will chris sinonew if his popularity is is over sixty percent will that political capital kinda go down ticket and will will it soda negate an anti trump effort by some democrats is particularly the federal races never be from impact on the federal might think with the new approval that will talk more the battle for the faith out if the democrats would love to win back the state and ordered out the representative but if they don't have a draw nominee up there and if the new numbers in you liked that over the next year going gonna make it up of the democrats win back either chamber and faith in the fake out i think i'll be the left maybe a little let impact on the congressional rate but both those writer jack are going to be interesting and they're going to be closest i know you'll be the bag of debate with all of them down the road next year hi paul thank you very much on this wednesday one enjoy a nice day out therefore you appreciate ah paul steinhaeuser now affair was realize that guy and again paul sharon some polling numbers in we'll see how that all plays up coming up barry armstrong host of the financial exchange after david lost checks the roadways out there traffic weather and a lot more she'll perry has to say a and think about hampshire's pitch to amazon executives uh try and get new hampshire and of the mix for second headquarters for the uh the.

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