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The rogue regime is expected to top the agenda of president trump's asia tour he arrives in japan tonight a president will be in search of a united front against north korea before going to beijing china where he will push president's xi to try to get together and get tougher on pyongyang's the president is also expected to visit both vietnam and the philippines have backed he's actually extended his stay in the latter by an extra day fox's kevin cork in tokyo a us servicemember died today from wounds suffered during an operation in afghanistan fans logar province another american soldier was killed in logar last week congressional leaders calling for mandatory training to prevent sexual harassment on the hill more from fox's rachel sutherland in washington democratic congresswoman jackie spear recently shared her to story in an online video saying that as a congressional staffer chief of staff grabbed her and kissed her without consent congress has been a breeding ground for a hostile work environment for far too long since spear opened up more lawmakers past and present our sharing their stories mi2 hashtag campaign started after dozens of women accused harvey weinstein of sexual harassment and assault now police in new york city are making the case to arrest him for a rape actress pas de la puerta says the film mogul raped her twice in 2010 twitter launching an investigation after president trump's account mysteriously went off line with forty one million followers he ranks 21 worldwide but thursday night for eleven minutes the site shut him down twitter initially claimed the president's feed was inadvertently disconnected due to human air two hours later it blamed and employees saying quote we have learned that this was done by a twitter customer support employee who did this on the employees last day fox's william lodging s fox.

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