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School announced Jessica Krog resigned her position effective immediately. The woman taught African American history specializing in issues of African culture and diaspora, but admitted last week in a block post. He's been presenting herself as Afro Caribbean from New York City when she is in fact, a white woman from suburban Kansas City. She expressed Regret and blamed her years long deception on quote, unaddressed mental health demons that she said dated back to her childhood. I hate those mental health demons. Gotta hand it to the folks of the New York Post, though the headline for their story on this pigment of her. Ah, alright, Well, yeah, yeah, that's consistent with New York Post headlines. They do try to grab attention with their headlines in that one definitely does do that. Chris Miller, have you? You have you? You've now looked over the entire schedule and determine what you think. The Saints Ah, regular season record will be No, but I do predict they'll start strong, but he waiting for, um I've got him a 12 and four for the record. I'm sticking with that. That was my first blush when I looked at the schedule and went game by game and put wins and losses next to each one. Ah, you of how far through it, are you? I'm through the by. I've got him jumping out to a five and Oh, start Really 50 R and I got him going for and won in the first five. But Tim and Master Control reminded me that only once in the last four years of the Saints won their season opener. I know But that's what I got him doing. Alright. Chris has him five I know to start. I've got him four and 12 start going 12 and four for the season. What do you think? 504 to 6? So 18 70. How did the Saints perform this season? What With their regular season record B. I suggest you look at each and every game. Don't just say I think there are 10 and 16. I think they're in 11 and five are a 14 and two team. Look at each game on the schedule and say, I think in a win or lose each game, then tell me what you think They're season schedule season record will be. I'm Dave Cohen in for Tommy Tucker. Time. He says he's going to be back on Monday. Ladies and gentlemen. So hopefully he'll be with us on Monday to celebrate a saint's victory in the Superdome on Sunday evening, as the Saints take on the box. And Tom Brady's at 3 25 kickoff right here on W W well on Sunday, I got him winning that one. I'm drinking the Kool Aid of everyone who said the Saints are in a better position to start this bizarre.

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