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Road. That's why there's progressive. A leader. An RV insurance Is it to 14 P m or a m? You know, I'm not sure. Can I put you on a brief hold? Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. It is chilly this morning, but at least we'll get some sunshine to mix in with the clouds throughout the day today, so it'll be a little more comfortable than yesterday with a high of 66 that's still below average. We keep it Partly cloudy overnight with lows in the low fifties. Friday gets a little warmer. We hit 70. But Friday night into Saturday morning, a cold front comes through and it's gonna bring back the cooler air for the weekend in the voting forecast today, North winds at 10 knots just a light chop in the bay. I'm Max, if integrate meteorologist least said the air quality index is good right now. Mostly cloudy 54 degrees in ST Petersburg, 53 in Safety harbor. And 50 to enter severe weather station news radio w F L A Next updated 5 45 on Chris Track, then it's a brand new year and have it. He's furniture is here to help you keep your resolutions. Why not? Listen to your custom playlists in a chair custom made for you Trade your old coffee table for one that doubles as a dining table. Update your sofa for one with building USB ports or try a new mattress. So getting more sleep is a dream. So whether you've resolved to refresh the living room at more color or get organized with a new desk right now, you can save $100 off every 1000 you spent at Haggerty's On Navy Federal Credit Union. Our arms are wide open to the Army, Navy Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard Space Force and the D O D All are welcome to join whether you're active duty veteran, or if you have family who have served We've always got your six. That's why members earn and save $361 more per year by banking with US Navy Federal Credit Union Our members are the mission insured by and see you a visit. Navy federal dot org's dollar value based on 2019 study by Navy.

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